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mitsulas 11-06-2010 08:32 AM

A distribution easy as openSuSE 11.3 and stable as Debian Lenny
Hello GNU/Linux workers,

I've been using openSuSE for a long time now (since the version 8 where the SuSE company was not a Novell company) and I am very pleased with this distribution. But I think that Novell gives more attention to the commercial distribution (SLED and SLES) than openSuSE. For example in openSuSE I have some problems with network connection and some instability with KDE which freezes for some time and I have to do cold reboot. So I gave try to Debian Lenny the KDE 3.5 version. It's very cool and anything works as it should but in order to configure something you have to use your editor and to have a better understanding for the inner workings of the GNU/Linux system. So, I would like your opinion: Is there any distribution stable as Debian but easy to use as openSuSE. (I prefer KDE over GNOME but if the distribution is good enough I can make an exception)

Thank you,

snowday 11-06-2010 09:06 AM

Hi there,

Many people (myself included) believe that editing text files in a centralized location (usually /etc) is an incredibly simple, easy, and powerful way to administer a Linux system. And the Debian Wiki is a very informative resource that will talk you through the changes step-by-step. If you learn this very basic Linux 101 skill, you'll be able to choose a distro based on other, more substantial factors than whether or not it has GUI config tools for every task. I realize that editors like vi can be a little intimidating, so maybe give nano a try (much simpler).

Also if you let us know what you are trying to configure (all I know is you're trying "to configure something") we would be glad to help. Debian is not a particularly difficult distro, and I agree with you it is very stable. :)

As far as other distro recommendations (if you have your heart set on leaving Debian) there are several Debian-based distros with lots of GUI config tools. Ubuntu is the best-known (Kubuntu is the KDE flavor) and its Long Term Support releases are geared towards stability. There is also MEPIS, which I believe is available in both KDE 4.x and KDE 3.5 flavors. Outside of the Debian family, CentOS is still KDE 3.5 based, verrry stable, and extremely well-documented.

A final suggestion is to stick with OpenSUSE, since you have extensive experience, and either troubleshoot your networking problems or roll back to an earlier release that is more stable for you.

Hope that helps somewhat with your decision, good luck!

linus72 11-06-2010 09:41 AM

go with the new SalixOS 13.1.2 KDE
its very stable cause it's Slackware based but has more GUI tools and pkgs than regular Slackware

mlangdn 11-06-2010 11:59 AM

Just try several distros. You will eventually find what you are looking for. Opinions are great to start with, but the final choice is all yours.

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