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Stephanie 07-03-2001 01:46 PM

2.4 And 2.217 Kernels
So I have MDK 8.0 running kernel 2.4.2, and I wanted to test a theory I had about my configuration.

I downloaded and configured a 2.2.17 kernel, and when I rebooted, it gave the infamous Linux Screen Of Death:
Kernel panic: Unable to mount root partition

Now I checked eeverything, but then I had a thought, and I need someone to verify it. The 2.2.17 series supported ReiserFS, but at a lower version number. As a result, since my root partition is formated as the newer Reiser FS, the older kernel cannot mount it. Does this sound right?

CragStar 07-03-2001 07:06 PM

You would have thought that they would could have back compatability wouldn't you? But it does sound like that to me.

Don't take my word for it though.

GonzoJohn 07-03-2001 08:26 PM

Why 2.2.17 when 2.2.19 is the latest 2.2.x kernel? I think 2.2.20 might even be available. Did the kernel configuration have options for ReiserFS? I always use "make xconfig" to browse all my kernel options in a GUI.

cinnix 07-04-2001 06:27 AM

reiserfs was supported natively in the kernel starting at 2.4.1pre10. Before that the kernel had to patched in order to have support.

BTW I would consider an upgrade to your 2.4.2 kernel. 2.4.3 and possibly some future releases had fixes in it that had to do directly with reiserfs

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