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Old 10-13-2005, 12:43 PM   #1
Registered: Jul 2005
Distribution: Slackware
Posts: 214

Rep: Reputation: 30
2.4 386 kernel has MANY more devices than the 2.6 amd64-k8 kernel. Why?

I have two kernels installed, 2.4 386 and 2.6 amd64-k8. When I "ls /dev" in the 2.4 386 kernel I see many more devices than when I "ls /dev" in the 2.6 amd64-k8" kernel. Why might this happen?

Here what my devices list looks like in the 2.6 amd64-k8 kernel
computer:/home/halfpower# ls /dev
admmidi  net    ram9     tty    tty28  tty48  ttyS1   ttyS3   ttyS7
adsp     null   random   tty0   tty29  tty49  ttyS10  ttyS30  ttyS8
agpgart  port   sda      tty1   tty3   tty5   ttyS11  ttyS31  ttyS9
amidi    ppp    sda1     tty10  tty30  tty50  ttyS12  ttyS32  urandom
audio    psaux  sda2     tty11  tty31  tty51  ttyS13  ttyS33  vcs
console  ptmx   sda5     tty12  tty32  tty52  ttyS14  ttyS34  vcs1
core     pts    sdb      tty13  tty33  tty53  ttyS15  ttyS35  vcs2
dmmidi   ram0   sdb1     tty14  tty34  tty54  ttyS16  ttyS36  vcs3
dsp      ram1   sdb10    tty15  tty35  tty55  ttyS17  ttyS37  vcs4
fd       ram10  sdb2     tty16  tty36  tty56  ttyS18  ttyS38  vcs5
full     ram11  sdb3     tty17  tty37  tty57  ttyS19  ttyS39  vcs6
initctl  ram12  sdb5     tty18  tty38  tty58  ttyS2   ttyS4   vcs7
input    ram13  sdb6     tty19  tty39  tty59  ttyS20  ttyS40  vcsa
kmem     ram14  sdb7     tty2   tty4   tty6   ttyS21  ttyS41  vcsa1
kmsg     ram15  sdb8     tty20  tty40  tty60  ttyS22  ttyS42  vcsa2
log      ram2   sdb9     tty21  tty41  tty61  ttyS23  ttyS43  vcsa3
loop     ram3   shm      tty22  tty42  tty62  ttyS24  ttyS44  vcsa4
MAKEDEV  ram4   snd      tty23  tty43  tty63  ttyS25  ttyS45  vcsa5
mcelog   ram5   sndstat  tty24  tty44  tty7   ttyS26  ttyS46  vcsa6
mem      ram6   stderr   tty25  tty45  tty8   ttyS27  ttyS47  vcsa7
midi     ram7   stdin    tty26  tty46  tty9   ttyS28  ttyS5   xconsole
mixer    ram8   stdout   tty27  tty47  ttyS0  ttyS29  ttyS6   zero
Here is what it looks like in the 2,4 386 kernel
halfpower@computer:~$ ls /dev
admmidi0    hdd5        ptybf    radio16     sg1       ttyq4     vcs28
admmidi1    hdd6        ptyc0    radio17     sg10      ttyq5     vcs29
admmidi2    hdd7        ptyc1    radio18     sg11      ttyq6     vcs3
admmidi3    hdd8        ptyc2    radio19     sg12      ttyq7     vcs30
adsp        hdd9        ptyc3    radio2      sg13      ttyq8     vcs31
adsp0       hde         ptyc4    radio20     sg14      ttyq9     vcs32
adsp1       hde1        ptyc5    radio21     sg15      ttyqa     vcs33
adsp2       hde10       ptyc6    radio22     sg16      ttyqb     vcs34
adsp3       hde11       ptyc7    radio23     sg2       ttyqc     vcs35
agpgart     hde12       ptyc8    radio24     sg3       ttyqd     vcs36
aloadC0     hde13       ptyc9    radio25     sg4       ttyqe     vcs37
aloadC1     hde14       ptyca    radio26     sg5       ttyqf     vcs38
aloadC2     hde15       ptycb    radio27     sg6       ttyr0     vcs39
aloadC3     hde16       ptycc    radio28     sg7       ttyr1     vcs4
aloadSEQ    hde17       ptycd    radio29     sg8       ttyr2     vcs40
amidi       hde18       ptyce    radio3      sg9       ttyr3     vcs41
amidi0      hde19       ptycf    radio30     shm       ttyr4     vcs42
amidi1      hde2        ptyd0    radio31     sjcd      ttyr5     vcs43
amidi2      hde20       ptyd1    radio32     smpte0    ttyr6     vcs44
amidi3      hde3        ptyd2    radio33     smpte1    ttyr7     vcs45
amixer0     hde4        ptyd3    radio34     smpte2    ttyr8     vcs46
amixer1     hde5        ptyd4    radio35     smpte3    ttyr9     vcs47
amixer2     hde6        ptyd5    radio36     snd       ttyra     vcs48
amixer3     hde7        ptyd6    radio37     sndstat   ttyrb     vcs49
apm_bios    hde8        ptyd7    radio38     sonycd    ttyrc     vcs5
ataraid     hde9        ptyd8    radio39     sr0       ttyrd     vcs50
atibm       hdf         ptyd9    radio4      sr1       ttyre     vcs51
audio       hdf1        ptyda    radio40     sr10      ttyrf     vcs52
audio0      hdf10       ptydb    radio41     sr11      ttys0     vcs53
audio1      hdf11       ptydc    radio42     sr12      ttyS0     vcs54
audio2      hdf12       ptydd    radio43     sr13      ttys1     vcs55
audio3      hdf13       ptyde    radio44     sr14      ttyS1     vcs56
audioctl    hdf14       ptydf    radio45     sr15      ttys2     vcs57
aztcd0      hdf15       ptye0    radio46     sr16      ttyS2     vcs58
bpcd        hdf16       ptye1    radio47     sr2       ttys3     vcs59
cciss       hdf17       ptye2    radio48     sr3       ttyS3     vcs6
cdrom       hdf18       ptye3    radio49     sr4       ttys4     vcs60
cdu535      hdf19       ptye4    radio5      sr5       ttyS4     vcs61
cm206cd0    hdf2        ptye5    radio50     sr6       ttys5     vcs62
console     hdf20       ptye6    radio51     sr7       ttys6     vcs63
core        hdf3        ptye7    radio52     sr8       ttys7     vcs7
dac960_gam  hdf4        ptye8    radio53     sr9       ttys8     vcs8
dmfm0       hdf5        ptye9    radio54     st0       ttys9     vcs9
dmfm1       hdf6        ptyea    radio55     st0a      ttysa     vcsa
dmfm2       hdf7        ptyeb    radio56     st0l      ttysb     vcsa0
dmfm3       hdf8        ptyec    radio57     st0m      ttysc     vcsa1
dmmidi0     hdf9        ptyed    radio58     st1       ttysd     vcsa10
dmmidi1     hdg         ptyee    radio59     st1a      ttyse     vcsa11
dmmidi2     hdg1        ptyef    radio6      st1l      ttysf     vcsa12
dmmidi3     hdg10       ptyp0    radio60     st1m      ttyt0     vcsa13
dpti1       hdg11       ptyp1    radio61     stderr    ttyt1     vcsa14
dpti2       hdg12       ptyp2    radio62     stdin     ttyt2     vcsa15
dpti3       hdg13       ptyp3    radio63     stdout    ttyt3     vcsa16
dpti4       hdg14       ptyp4    radio7      tty       ttyt4     vcsa17
dpti5       hdg15       ptyp5    radio8      tty0      ttyt5     vcsa18
dpti6       hdg16       ptyp6    radio9      tty1      ttyt6     vcsa19
dpti7       hdg17       ptyp7    ram         tty10     ttyt7     vcsa2
dsp         hdg18       ptyp8    ram0        tty11     ttyt8     vcsa20
dsp0        hdg19       ptyp9    ram1        tty12     ttyt9     vcsa21
dsp1        hdg2        ptypa    ram10       tty13     ttyta     vcsa22
dsp2        hdg20       ptypb    ram11       tty14     ttytb     vcsa23
dsp3        hdg3        ptypc    ram12       tty15     ttytc     vcsa24
eda         hdg4        ptypd    ram13       tty16     ttytd     vcsa25
eda1        hdg5        ptype    ram14       tty17     ttyte     vcsa26
eda2        hdg6        ptypf    ram15       tty18     ttytf     vcsa27
eda3        hdg7        ptyq0    ram16       tty19     ttyu0     vcsa28
eda4        hdg8        ptyq1    ram2        tty2      ttyu1     vcsa29
eda5        hdg9        ptyq2    ram3        tty20     ttyu2     vcsa3
eda6        hdh         ptyq3    ram4        tty21     ttyu3     vcsa30
eda7        hdh1        ptyq4    ram5        tty22     ttyu4     vcsa31
eda8        hdh10       ptyq5    ram6        tty23     ttyu5     vcsa32
edb         hdh11       ptyq6    ram7        tty24     ttyu6     vcsa33
edb1        hdh12       ptyq7    ram8        tty25     ttyu7     vcsa34
edb2        hdh13       ptyq8    ram9        tty26     ttyu8     vcsa35
edb3        hdh14       ptyq9    random      tty27     ttyu9     vcsa36
edb4        hdh15       ptyqa    rd          tty28     ttyua     vcsa37
edb5        hdh16       ptyqb    rmidi0      tty29     ttyub     vcsa38
edb6        hdh17       ptyqc    rmidi1      tty3      ttyuc     vcsa39
edb7        hdh18       ptyqd    rmidi2      tty30     ttyud     vcsa4
edb8        hdh19       ptyqe    rmidi3      tty31     ttyue     vcsa40
fb0         hdh2        ptyqf    rtc         tty32     ttyuf     vcsa41
fb1         hdh20       ptyr0    sbpcd       tty33     ttyUSB0   vcsa42
fb2         hdh3        ptyr1    sbpcd0      tty34     ttyUSB1   vcsa43
fb3         hdh4        ptyr2    sbpcd1      tty35     ttyUSB10  vcsa44
fb4         hdh5        ptyr3    sbpcd2      tty36     ttyUSB11  vcsa45
fb5         hdh6        ptyr4    sbpcd3      tty37     ttyUSB12  vcsa46
fb6         hdh7        ptyr5    scd0        tty38     ttyUSB13  vcsa47
fb7         hdh8        ptyr6    scd1        tty39     ttyUSB14  vcsa48
fd          hdh9        ptyr7    scd10       tty4      ttyUSB15  vcsa49
fd0         i2c-0       ptyr8    scd11       tty40     ttyUSB2   vcsa5
fd0CompaQ   i2c-1       ptyr9    scd12       tty41     ttyUSB3   vcsa50
fd0d360     i2c-2       ptyra    scd13       tty42     ttyUSB4   vcsa51
fd0h1200    i2c-3       ptyrb    scd14       tty43     ttyUSB5   vcsa52
fd0h1440    i2c-4       ptyrc    scd15       tty44     ttyUSB6   vcsa53
fd0h1476    i2c-5       ptyrd    scd16       tty45     ttyUSB7   vcsa54
fd0h1494    i2c-6       ptyre    scd2        tty46     ttyUSB8   vcsa55
fd0h1600    i2c-7       ptyrf    scd3        tty47     ttyUSB9   vcsa56
fd0h360     i2o         ptys0    scd4        tty48     ttyv0     vcsa57
fd0h410     ida         ptys1    scd5        tty49     ttyv1     vcsa58
fd0h420     initctl     ptys2    scd6        tty5      ttyv2     vcsa59
fd0h720     initrd      ptys3    scd7        tty50     ttyv3     vcsa6
fd0h880     inportbm    ptys4    scd8        tty51     ttyv4     vcsa60
fd0u1040    input       ptys5    scd9        tty52     ttyv5     vcsa61
fd0u1120    ippp0       ptys6    sda         tty53     ttyv6     vcsa62
fd0u1440    ippp1       ptys7    sda1        tty54     ttyv7     vcsa63
fd0u1600    ippp2       ptys8    sda10       tty55     ttyv8     vcsa7
fd0u1680    ippp3       ptys9    sda11       tty56     ttyv9     vcsa8
fd0u1722    ippp4       ptysa    sda12       tty57     ttyva     vcsa9
fd0u1743    ippp5       ptysb    sda13       tty58     ttyvb     video
fd0u1760    ippp6       ptysc    sda14       tty59     ttyvc     video0
fd0u1840    ippp7       ptysd    sda15       tty6      ttyvd     video1
fd0u1920    isdn0       ptyse    sda2        tty60     ttyve     video10
fd0u2880    isdn1       ptysf    sda3        tty61     ttyvf     video11
fd0u3200    isdn2       ptyt0    sda4        tty62     ttyw0     video12
fd0u3520    isdn3       ptyt1    sda5        tty63     ttyw1     video13
fd0u360     isdn4       ptyt2    sda6        tty7      ttyw2     video14
fd0u3840    isdn5       ptyt3    sda7        tty8      ttyw3     video15
fd0u720     isdn6       ptyt4    sda8        tty9      ttyw4     video16
fd0u800     isdn7       ptyt5    sda9        ttya0     ttyw5     video17
fd0u820     isdnctrl0   ptyt6    sdb         ttya1     ttyw6     video18
fd0u830     isdnctrl1   ptyt7    sdb1        ttya2     ttyw7     video19
fd1         isdnctrl2   ptyt8    sdb10       ttya3     ttyw8     video2
fd1CompaQ   isdnctrl3   ptyt9    sdb11       ttya4     ttyw9     video20
fd1d360     isdnctrl4   ptyta    sdb12       ttya5     ttywa     video21
fd1h1200    isdnctrl5   ptytb    sdb13       ttya6     ttywb     video22
fd1h1440    isdnctrl6   ptytc    sdb14       ttya7     ttywc     video23
fd1h1476    isdnctrl7   ptytd    sdb15       ttya8     ttywd     video24
fd1h1494    isdninfo    ptyte    sdb2        ttya9     ttywe     video25
fd1h1600    jbm         ptytf    sdb3        ttyaa     ttywf     video26
fd1h360     kmem        ptyu0    sdb4        ttyab     ttyx0     video27
fd1h410     lmscd       ptyu1    sdb5        ttyac     ttyx1     video28
fd1h420     log         ptyu2    sdb6        ttyACM0   ttyx2     video29
fd1h720     logibm      ptyu3    sdb7        ttyACM1   ttyx3     video3
fd1h880     loop0       ptyu4    sdb8        ttyACM10  ttyx4     video30
fd1u1040    loop1       ptyu5    sdb9        ttyACM11  ttyx5     video31
fd1u1120    loop2       ptyu6    sdc         ttyACM12  ttyx6     video32
fd1u1440    loop3       ptyu7    sdc1        ttyACM13  ttyx7     video33
fd1u1600    loop4       ptyu8    sdc10       ttyACM14  ttyx8     video34
fd1u1680    loop5       ptyu9    sdc11       ttyACM15  ttyx9     video35
fd1u1722    loop6       ptyua    sdc12       ttyACM2   ttyxa     video36
fd1u1743    loop7       ptyub    sdc13       ttyACM3   ttyxb     video37
fd1u1760    lp0         ptyuc    sdc14       ttyACM4   ttyxc     video38
fd1u1840    lp1         ptyud    sdc15       ttyACM5   ttyxd     video39
fd1u1920    lp2         ptyue    sdc2        ttyACM6   ttyxe     video4
fd1u2880    MAKEDEV     ptyuf    sdc3        ttyACM7   ttyxf     video40
fd1u3200    mcd         ptyv0    sdc4        ttyACM8   ttyy0     video41
fd1u3520    mcdx        ptyv1    sdc5        ttyACM9   ttyy1     video42
fd1u360     mcdx0       ptyv2    sdc6        ttyad     ttyy2     video43
fd1u3840    mcdx1       ptyv3    sdc7        ttyae     ttyy3     video44
fd1u720     mcdx2       ptyv4    sdc8        ttyaf     ttyy4     video45
fd1u800     mcdx3       ptyv5    sdc9        ttyb0     ttyy5     video46
fd1u820     mcdx4       ptyv6    sdd         ttyb1     ttyy6     video47
fd1u830     md0         ptyv7    sdd1        ttyb2     ttyy7     video48
full        md1         ptyv8    sdd10       ttyb3     ttyy8     video49
gscd0       md10        ptyv9    sdd11       ttyb4     ttyy9     video5
hda         md11        ptyva    sdd12       ttyb5     ttyya     video50
hda1        md12        ptyvb    sdd13       ttyb6     ttyyb     video51
hda10       md13        ptyvc    sdd14       ttyb7     ttyyc     video52
hda11       md14        ptyvd    sdd15       ttyb8     ttyyd     video53
hda12       md15        ptyve    sdd2        ttyb9     ttyye     video54
hda13       md2         ptyvf    sdd3        ttyba     ttyyf     video55
hda14       md3         ptyw0    sdd4        ttybb     ttyz0     video56
hda15       md4         ptyw1    sdd5        ttybc     ttyz1     video57
hda16       md5         ptyw2    sdd6        ttybd     ttyz2     video58
hda17       md6         ptyw3    sdd7        ttybe     ttyz3     video59
hda18       md7         ptyw4    sdd8        ttybf     ttyz4     video6
hda19       md8         ptyw5    sdd9        ttyc0     ttyz5     video60
hda2        md9         ptyw6    sde         ttyc1     ttyz6     video61
hda20       mem         ptyw7    sde1        ttyc2     ttyz7     video62
hda3        midi        ptyw8    sde10       ttyc3     ttyz8     video63
hda4        midi00      ptyw9    sde11       ttyc4     ttyz9     video7
hda5        midi01      ptywa    sde12       ttyc5     ttyza     video8
hda6        midi02      ptywb    sde13       ttyc6     ttyzb     video9
hda7        midi03      ptywc    sde14       ttyc7     ttyzc     vttuner
hda8        midi1       ptywd    sde15       ttyc8     ttyzd     vtx
hda9        midi2       ptywe    sde2        ttyc9     ttyze     vtx0
hdb         midi3       ptywf    sde3        ttyca     ttyzf     vtx1
hdb1        mixer       ptyx0    sde4        ttycb     urandom   vtx10
hdb10       mixer0      ptyx1    sde5        ttycc     usb       vtx11
hdb11       mixer1      ptyx2    sde6        ttycd     vbi       vtx12
hdb12       mixer2      ptyx3    sde7        ttyce     vbi0      vtx13
hdb13       mixer3      ptyx4    sde8        ttycf     vbi1      vtx14
hdb14       mpu401data  ptyx5    sde9        ttyd0     vbi10     vtx15
hdb15       mpu401stat  ptyx6    sdf         ttyd1     vbi11     vtx16
hdb16       music       ptyx7    sdf1        ttyd2     vbi12     vtx17
hdb17       nst0        ptyx8    sdf10       ttyd3     vbi13     vtx18
hdb18       nst0a       ptyx9    sdf11       ttyd4     vbi14     vtx19
hdb19       nst0l       ptyxa    sdf12       ttyd5     vbi15     vtx2
hdb2        nst0m       ptyxb    sdf13       ttyd6     vbi16     vtx20
hdb20       nst1        ptyxc    sdf14       ttyd7     vbi17     vtx21
hdb3        nst1a       ptyxd    sdf15       ttyd8     vbi18     vtx22
hdb4        nst1l       ptyxe    sdf2        ttyd9     vbi19     vtx23
hdb5        nst1m       ptyxf    sdf3        ttyda     vbi2      vtx24
hdb6        null        ptyy0    sdf4        ttydb     vbi20     vtx25
hdb7        optcd       ptyy1    sdf5        ttydc     vbi21     vtx26
hdb8        par0        ptyy2    sdf6        ttydd     vbi22     vtx27
hdb9        par1        ptyy3    sdf7        ttyde     vbi23     vtx28
hdc         par2        ptyy4    sdf8        ttydf     vbi24     vtx29
hdc1        port        ptyy5    sdf9        ttye0     vbi25     vtx3
hdc10       ppp         ptyy6    sdg         ttye1     vbi26     vtx30
hdc11       psaux       ptyy7    sdg1        ttye2     vbi27     vtx31
hdc12       ptmx        ptyy8    sdg10       ttye3     vbi28     vtx4
hdc13       pts         ptyy9    sdg11       ttye4     vbi29     vtx5
hdc14       ptya0       ptyya    sdg12       ttye5     vbi3      vtx6
hdc15       ptya1       ptyyb    sdg13       ttye6     vbi30     vtx7
hdc16       ptya2       ptyyc    sdg14       ttye7     vbi31     vtx8
hdc17       ptya3       ptyyd    sdg15       ttye8     vbi4      vtx9
hdc18       ptya4       ptyye    sdg2        ttye9     vbi5      winradio0
hdc19       ptya5       ptyyf    sdg3        ttyea     vbi6      winradio1
hdc2        ptya6       ptyz0    sdg4        ttyeb     vbi7      xconsole
hdc20       ptya7       ptyz1    sdg5        ttyec     vbi8      xda
hdc3        ptya8       ptyz2    sdg6        ttyed     vbi9      xda1
hdc4        ptya9       ptyz3    sdg7        ttyee     vcs       xda2
hdc5        ptyaa       ptyz4    sdg8        ttyef     vcs0      xda3
hdc6        ptyab       ptyz5    sdg9        ttyp0     vcs1      xda4
hdc7        ptyac       ptyz6    sdh         ttyp1     vcs10     xda5
hdc8        ptyad       ptyz7    sdh1        ttyp2     vcs11     xda6
hdc9        ptyae       ptyz8    sdh10       ttyp3     vcs12     xda7
hdd         ptyaf       ptyz9    sdh11       ttyp4     vcs13     xda8
hdd1        ptyb0       ptyza    sdh12       ttyp5     vcs14     xdb
hdd10       ptyb1       ptyzb    sdh13       ttyp6     vcs15     xdb1
hdd11       ptyb2       ptyzc    sdh14       ttyp7     vcs16     xdb2
hdd12       ptyb3       ptyzd    sdh15       ttyp8     vcs17     xdb3
hdd13       ptyb4       ptyze    sdh2        ttyp9     vcs18     xdb4
hdd14       ptyb5       ptyzf    sdh3        ttypa     vcs19     xdb5
hdd15       ptyb6       radio    sdh4        ttypb     vcs2      xdb6
hdd16       ptyb7       radio0   sdh5        ttypc     vcs20     xdb7
hdd17       ptyb8       radio1   sdh6        ttypd     vcs21     xdb8
hdd18       ptyb9       radio10  sdh7        ttype     vcs22     zero
hdd19       ptyba       radio11  sdh8        ttypf     vcs23
hdd2        ptybb       radio12  sdh9        ttyq0     vcs24
hdd20       ptybc       radio13  sequencer   ttyq1     vcs25
hdd3        ptybd       radio14  sequencer2  ttyq2     vcs26
hdd4        ptybe       radio15  sg0         ttyq3     vcs27
Pretty huge difference, eh?
Old 10-13-2005, 01:06 PM   #2
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As I understand it the 2.6.x kernels use udev which only puts a file representing a device in /dev if the device actually exists. For example before I plug my usb pendrive in:
$ ls -l /dev/sda*
/usr/bin/ls: /dev/sda*: No such file or directory
and now that I have plugged it in I get
$ ls -l /dev/sda*
brw-rw----  1 root disk 8, 0 2005-10-13 19:08 /dev/sda
brw-rw----  1 root disk 8, 1 2005-10-13 19:08 /dev/sda1

Last edited by phil.d.g; 10-13-2005 at 01:08 PM.
Old 10-13-2005, 01:28 PM   #3
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yup phil.d.g is right.... The udev filesystem is dynamic. files in the /dev will change all the time
Old 10-13-2005, 03:42 PM   #4
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I have an IDE CD/DVD drive that shows up in the 2.4 kernel device list but not in the 2.6 list. The drive is always attached, so why would it not show up?
Old 10-13-2005, 03:55 PM   #5
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err, Pass.

Does your CD drive work? Can you put in a CD and mount it?
Old 10-14-2005, 07:44 AM   #6
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I can only mount and see it if I am running the 2.4 kernel.


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error:reboot in kernel 2.6.8-2-386 pspec Debian 5 12-04-2005 11:25 PM
kernel 2.6.8-2-386 or 2.6.8-2-686 cccc Debian 7 08-22-2005 07:51 AM
kernel-headers-2.4.27-1-386 martine Debian 2 03-14-2005 08:54 AM
nVidia + 2.6.7-1-386 kernel PhuckFonix Debian 4 11-05-2004 06:57 AM
386/kernel question Jeffrey Linux - General 6 03-07-2001 12:55 AM > Forums > Linux Forums > Linux - General

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