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pho0o0 01-28-2005 05:21 PM

[FVWM2] fvwm2rc config

hello, I have a series of small preoccupations with a configuration then to be clear in their description I link a screenshot;
1) in bottom I am using the taskbar, I put it in autohide (autohide4 so that it appears a little on the sreenshot) I am not able to give him a value "geometry" so that it occupies only half of the screen and does not cover the pager. the values geometry that I give him are in conflict with that of the pager, or others, and are not taken into account?

2) during my config I changed something which I do not remember and due to this the BIOS is screaming every time I click the left button of the mouse a to long time! an idea of what that can be?

3) on the screenshot I make pass Gedit of one desktop to the other, but how to make so that appears in the pager?

4) I dont know what give like indiquation (in the file i edit in Gedit, on the screenshot) so that the clock of FvwmApplet-DigitalClock is transparent beside the "close"button... I in vain give him instructions it does not listen to me : (
5) I copied all icons i can in the icons file indicated in PaTH of my .fvwm2rc, some appear, some do not! On the screenshot desktop 3 Konqueror, desktop4 Mozilla! I do not know why.... thank you for your answers

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