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dudeman41465 09-05-2006 05:51 PM

World of Warcraft in Wine
Ok, I'm running Fedora Core 5 and I installed wine from the repositories (using the walkthrough for using WoW with wine led me into nothing but trouble) and WoW works with "almost" no hitches using the DirectX 9 emulation. The game starts up just fine, it does run a bit slower than it does in Windows, but I think I can tweak that. My problem is this though. I was walking around a town when I noticed that if I looked or walked above a certain elevation, the buildings would get all skewed. Here are some screenies:

Works fine in Windows

Appeared to work fine in Linux

Until I tried climbing the Zeppelin tower(the building pictured in the Windows screenie)

I know that this is just an issue with wine, but does anybody know if there's an option I can toggle or a patch I can apply to my wine installation to fix this problem?

System specs are in my signature.

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