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Sticktendo 01-26-2005 09:54 PM

World of Warcraft
can it run at all? if so, what will i need(first game on linux(cept ut2k4 which runs native). so go easy on me, i might need help.)

Snipersnest 01-27-2005 12:20 PM

Yes, World of Warcraft will only run with Cedega 4.2 or 4.2.1 can always use Point2Play to make it easier.

Alot of people had issues but seems like they got most of them figured out.

Sticktendo 01-27-2005 04:47 PM

does cedega work with fedora core 3 running gnome?

Snipersnest 01-27-2005 05:13 PM

Yes...heres my setup.

Fedora Core 3 (2.6.10 kernel)
Athlon XP 2600+ Barton
1GB PC2700
250GB HD
Gigabyte mobo
BFG Geforce 6800 GT OC

Works like a champ

Sticktendo 01-27-2005 07:10 PM

awesome, thanks.

thanquol 02-03-2005 07:25 PM

I tried Cedega 4.2.1 and wow, at certen occations the system hung (very unusual situation since I switched from Windblow$) At last it hung one time to much, resulting in a situation where all of my inodes were wiped, resulting in not finding any files on my disc.

I do have a better solution:

Cant be that hard to Find 20 000 gamers who wants to play World of Warcraft native under Linux?

Sign the petition now (takes around 50 sec to do, if you know your phone number and your name!)

GO here


SPREAD the word!!!

TELL at least two friends to pass this action on!

Snipersnest 02-04-2005 06:33 AM

I posted that on the transgaming forums... but it seems that things been going since Early 2004 and not to many people want to sign it.

There are many fixes and tweaks for WoW to run on Cedega/P2P ... You just need to check out the WoW section of the to find more info.

Linux is going to get out there sooner or later!! Even Walmart is selling a Linux laptop now -

thanquol 02-04-2005 02:55 PM

I agree with you.. seems like its been going very slow...
And, Yeah I've read that its possible to get it working (was it 4.1 of Cedega...) and some tweaking should o it... I did some wrong, I I didn't start with -opengl.
But I would prefer having it native linux :)

But me and you, we know that it cant be lack of interest nor lack of users that prevent the petition to be fulfilled.
So it has to be that enough people doesn't know about it!

Thats why I encourage all of you to tell at least two of your friends to pass the message further.

I think that if we could get it happen, then it would be filled within this month!

(Thank you for "bumping" this message to reach more gamers!) :Pengy:

GO here

And don't forget to confirm in your mail!

the word!!!

TELL at least two friends to pass this action on!

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