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BarnyardMonkey 03-06-2005 05:11 PM

Wine with SecondLife - 32 Bit colordepth error
Well i've only been using Linux for a couple days,so bare with me here.

Trying to get the game "SecondLife" running by using Wine.
I managed to get it installed just fine,and almost got it to run.
But before going into the game it detects "i do not have 32 Bit ColorDepth" selected.

Far as i know,24 Bit is the highest in Linux?
which is pretty much 32 Bit in Windows?

Seems thats the only problem as of yet thats holding me back from trying to start the game.


Mandrake 10.1
Nvidia GF4 TI4400 - Newest Drivers insalled.
Other Linux games run just fine (UT2004,QUAKE3,ET,ET-Fortress)
Newest Wine installed - default settings (Can't find Config file in newest Wine)
Dual Booting with Windows 2k Pro

Was hoping maybe someone else here maybe got SecondLife running on Linux (As i've seen others use it),or maybe know how to fix my problem.

Also, Is WineX possible to use for free?maybe that would help me out.
i know you have to pay for Cedega.

Thanks for any help.
Love Linux so far though.


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