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Compile this 09-12-2009 11:01 PM

Wine (Slackware/Fluxbox): Starcraft upon exit repositions open windows oddly
I find that installing and running Starcraft are all fine, until I exit the game and notice my open windows are all repositioned mostly off-screen in the upper left corner, where I then must alt + drag them back on screen. If I'm correct in my assumptions, I believe it has to do with the switch from an 640x480 full screen resolution (that Starcraft uses) back to the 1440x900 resolution (that my desktop uses). I think it may also be related to Fluxbox, as I've never had this problem in GNOME or KDE with this same setup. I've tried setting the game in a virtual 1440x900 desktop, but it stays at an 640x480 resolution at the top left corner of said virtual desktop, so that will not work. If anyone knows what the problem may be or how I may be able to fix it, it's appreciated.

It is, indeed, a Fluxbox problem, as I just tried with Blackbox a few minutes ago and it worked fine.

Well, as it would turn out, this is a regression in v 1.1.1 of Fluxbox, so at least the problem has been pinpointed. :)

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