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LoMpa 07-19-2005 03:28 PM

Wine on 64bit
I am trying to install wine on my College Linux, and i have an AMD athlon 64 and when im installing wine i says
Wine: Intel Unixes. Please, PLEASE read the README or else Wine probably
Wine: won't work for you.
does that mean that only intel people can use wine?

J_K9 07-21-2005 02:21 AM IS possible but I know that it isn;t easy to do. Gentoo used ot have a guide on it in their documentation, but I can't find it any more. If you search Google, oyu may be able to find something about it. I know that there

Just by searching Google, you'll find quite a lot on the wine-users mailing list (like this one), and on the wine-devel mailing list (like this one). AFAIK, it may involve recompiling a different kernel, and involving some other quite complex stuff. You may want to check if your program is compatible with Wine before you do all of that though! ;)


P.S Welcome to LQ!! ;)

Cleotis 07-22-2005 11:59 PM

Wine works on my AMD64
I don't know anything about College Linux, but it works on my machine using any Debian derivitive. I'm in the process of setting it up on Gentoo (AMD64) now; we'll see. It's easier if you use a 32bit OS/kernel. Chrooting is a hassle. When they say "Intel" I think they actually mean "Intel or Intel compatible," which AMD is.

Good luck.

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