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indubitableness 07-23-2009 08:32 AM

wine: /intended/PREFIXdirectory/not owned by you
Okay. Alright. Frustration has me. I just created a PREFIX folder intended to house multiple WINEPREFIXes. I keep losing all sorts of data every time I try something new and unfamiliar and break my linux installs so I said screw it. I will make it on my backup external drive and symlink to it from my ~/.wine directory.

So I create a directory at /media/Iomega_HDD/.wine/PREFIXES and one in THAT directory called Blizzard for Starcraft and Diablo2. So I do WINEPREFIX=$iomega/.wine/PREFIXES/Blizzard and receive the following error:

wine: /media/Iomega_HDD/.wine/PREFIXES/Blizzard is not owned by you

I don't understand it, but no big deal. I'll do a sudo chown -R indubitableness.users $iomega/.wine right?

Well I still get the same error. I do not understand what's going on. Clearly I own the god damn directory and everything in it, so how can I make wine recognize the fact? I have never had this trouble with WINEPREFIX before. Is it 'cause I'm trying to do it on an NTFS filesystem? Even though that wouldn't make sense?

Somebody help!!!

karamarisan 07-24-2009 01:04 AM

Unsurprisingly, chown doesn't do much on NTFS filesystems. Are you able to create those directories under /media/Iomega_HDD without privileges (i.e., running as yourself, without sudo)?

By the way, there is no reason you should have to lose data when you mess up your Linux install unless what you did was actually overwriting your hard drive or something. Even if you really do need to reinstall (and you rarely do - that's the Windows approach ;) ), you can boot a live environment, mount your partitions, and save your data first.

indubitableness 07-24-2009 01:21 PM

[FUCK! I accidently just clicked "report" and subsequently typed in the following message thinking I clicked "reply"

I didn't mean to report your post, I hope the moderators realize that when they see it]

You may rarely need to reinstall. But I'm always doing one stupid thing or another and I will reinstall on a whim.

I've just needed to find an approach to backing up things like save files (stuff that always slips my mind on reinstallation) that will keep them safe no matter how absentminded I get.

Yes I use liveCD's to back shit up, but again. Absentmindedness wins over capability to do something.

Yes I am able to make directories on the filesystem as myself. No su privileges required.

I ended up finding a solution, but it's not the one I wanted. Anyway, apparently you're not allowed to point WINEPREFIX at a symlink, so even if I hadn't run into "not owned by you" lies... LIES. Lying ass piece of shit computer bastard.

Anyway if the computer stopped lying to me the final approach would have failed anyway.

So whatever wine. You get to be in charge of my computer. You get to make the decisions around here. I didn't want to do it that way anyway. I was just pretending to to fuck with you wine. Whatever you want.

Should I bend over? So you can take anal virginity as well wine? Since clearly I'm not the one in charge around here.

Sorry. I hate computers.

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