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carlosinfl 07-01-2004 04:44 AM

UT2004 wont run after update patch (user error)
Ok -

I had a working install or ut2004 on my machine - I downloaded the patch from unreal's website for Linux retail.

It was called ut2004-lnxpatch3236.tar.bz2

I un-tar'd it to the same location and it created a folder called ut2004-update.

In that update folder were 4 folders with files in them - I was told that I should just cut the folders from the update folder and replace them with the same name folders in the main ut2004 folder - I did so and now the game just wont run...

I am very new to linux so I dont know what to do? How can I remove ut2004 and reinstall? Is that the best action since this is the only change that may have messed it up?

carlosinfl 07-03-2004 01:36 AM

Bump for any assistance on this issue...or if someone can tell me the proper way to uninstall ut2004 so I can begien from scratch...???

FrostBot 07-18-2004 04:21 AM

Are you using a cracked version?

carlosinfl 07-18-2004 11:17 AM

I am not sure what you mean by cracked?

I bought the game - installed all 6 disks and used my legit CD key...

I was then able to run the game fine as singleplayer but when I went to internet to play online, I get a message saying that there is a new patch available - I downloaded that and I think I messed that part up.

I extract the patch to the same destination folder the compressed patch was downloaded to...

Then I get 4 folders that seem to be identical to 4 folders in my ut2004 folder...I was told to delete the old ones in the ut2004 folder and replace them with the new 4 folders from the patch and that was all - I think that is where I messed up if that makes any sence


Protex 07-18-2004 01:06 PM

Run ut2004 from a command line. What is the error you get when running?

If it is an assertation failed error then what happend is you only applied half a patch. More specifically, the ucc-bin and ut2004-bin files didn't get copied over. Those 2 files need to be copied over individually.

carlosinfl 07-18-2004 02:06 PM

cool - I reformated my entire OS because of a sound issue so I will try and re-download this again.


carlosinfl 07-18-2004 10:40 PM

ok, I installed ut2004 again to / home / carlwill / ut2004

now I also downloaded the patch in extracted it to the location / home / carlwill

I open the new patch folder called UT2004-Patch

It has 4 folders called

- help

should I just move all them to the ut2004 folder or must I replace them with the same exact folders in ut2004 folder?

Protex 07-19-2004 08:12 AM

you need to move the contents of those folders into the appropriate folder in the /usr/local/games/ut2004 folder. eg. the contents from the patch System needs to be put int /usr/local/games/ut2004/System

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