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jerome23 05-23-2005 05:09 AM

UT2004 and INI. strange things
hello peeps

when I open the system-map in UT2004 there is no user.ini or 2004.ini .
what I do have is a DefaultUser.ini and a Default2004.ini
No matter what changes I apply in the ini they dont seem to take effect
What I tried is to rename them as follow ; User.ini and UT2004.ini
but still nothing happens ???

Another strange thing is that it seems that they only have about half of the
contents comparing them to my ini in windows ??

In KDE you can stop mouse-accelaration but when I trie to start UT2004 from
a standard-X session it cant be stopped ( I dont know how anyway )
any suggestions ?

Last thing is that I would like to enable AGP-FastWrites , I googled arround and
I found the UT2004 tweaking-guide at but when I try
this :/etc/modules.conf. it says : unknown file or map ?

I hope that some of the peeps can help me here
I`m on fedora 3

yours : jerome

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