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TotalLinuxNoob 05-29-2005 04:10 PM

Update COD install w/ Point2Play
I have successfully installed COD and even though it runs dreadfully in SP I'd like to try MP but to do that I need to update:
Downloaded and extracted patch [1.5]
Found the path w/ P2Play
First message box mentions it can't find the install, expected prob
Then it says it can't find the CD Key [prob lookin in the reg] and recommends a reinstall / setting the key in MP [Tried and Failed]

Anyone know of any tips? [Other than hexing out the key check from the patch]


PS Anyone know how to get R6 Raven Shield working under Cedega?


TotalLinuxNoob 05-30-2005 09:23 AM

Using cedega/point to play.....

As the cedega release notes suggested I added:
[SOFTWARE\\Activision\\Call of Duty]
"InstallPath"="C:\\Program Files\\Call Of Duty"

to a load of system.reg files [cedega/p2p/cod install] without a any success

using P2p the update install was called CODu
I opened its install folder [~/.point2play/CODu/]
and added the reg entries into system.reg
this eliminated the first dialog saying it could'nt find the I knew I was onto something
Next I had to find out the reg key name of the key code [thank god OS apps dont include this crap] which turned out to be "codkey"
So add
and all should work.
I'm now playing cod happily online..thats until PB is gonna kick me off for using Linux...
One thing is puzzling: how was it granted access to the cod install and not pointed towards it's own virtual c drive? I guess cedega only has a single c drive then...
BTW a low fps prob was solved by increasing all available memory enormously....

Next up: Raven Shield ;)

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