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botamis 03-16-2004 09:48 PM

Themes on fluxbox
Heya guys, I consider themes on fluxbox a real joy so I thought it was a game :-D. anyway could someon please IN DETAIL explain how to install a fluxbox theme? Like instead of saying u have to untar it. You would give me the accual code for it? Thanks a million im tired of my old fluxbox themes.


DrOzz 03-16-2004 10:30 PM

well all you have to do is untar it to the styles folder ...
if i look at my ~/.fluxbox/menu file i see the following (on my machine) :
[submenu] (Styles) {Choose a style...}
[stylesdir] (/usr/X11R6/share/fluxbox/styles)
[stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles)

i added the second location by myself ... the one in the home folder ... cause thats
where i extract them, rather then changing to root and extracting to the first
directory ...
so once you find where your styles go, just extract the tarball to that folder ...

so lets make a pretend situation ...
lets say your styles folder is at /home/botamis/.fluxbox/styles
and lets also say you download say, flux-theme.tar.gz

so all you would have to do is type :

tar -zxvf flux-theme.tar.gz -C /home/botamis/.fluxbox/styles
then right click your desktop to get the fluxbox menu, and go :
Fluxbox-menu -> Styles -> flux-theme

and that should be it ...

hope that helps ..

botamis 03-16-2004 10:36 PM

The file is a tar.bz2 and I am having trouble using the -zxvf part of it or w/e u typed. Thanks for the help.


DrOzz 03-17-2004 01:48 PM

oh well when it is a bz2 file you replace the
z with a j
so for tar.gz :

tar -zxvf
and for tar.bz2

tar -jxvf

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