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slackwarebilly 06-22-2005 10:32 AM

Star Wars Battlefront
Hey all, I've got SWBF running in Slamd64 and 32-bit Slack, but I could not get audacity installed to do my musical recording. I gave in and installed a binary distro (I know it's very sad). When using cedega, Suse freezes when the installer asks for the product key, I noticed it is also when the cd stops spinning. Suse freezing randomly is not cool, but what can you say? Also, in Slamd and slack(and my friend in gentoo), could not get the 1.3 Beta patch to install. Does anybody have any tips for this? The 1.3 patch is awesome. Helpful comments are appreciated, and don't make fun of me for using Suse for awhile.



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