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Freestone 06-01-2006 12:14 PM

Something like Riven or Myst?
FC5 running here.

Just curious if there are any games out there that are similar to Riven or Myst?
I like puzzles/logic games and just wondering if theres anything out there like the
two that I mentioned.

Thanks everyone.

slackhack 06-01-2006 12:24 PM

nethack maybe? i never played much of any of them, but they seem sort of similar (aside from their guis ;)).

Freestone 06-01-2006 12:36 PM

Thanks Slackhack.

BTW, your red green blue signature messes me up really bad! :)

lpd 06-06-2006 11:52 AM

If you're going to try out Nethack I can really recommend Vulture's Eye or Vulture's Claw which are a fancier looking GUI for Nethack and Slashem(Nethack version).

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