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blastradius 12-13-2005 12:01 PM

Problems running Starcraft with Wine, display and operation.
Starcraft problems using Wine.


I'm running Breezy with an ATI Radeon9600.

I've been trying to get Starcraft running under Wine. I'm using Wine version 0.9.3 and i've tried running Starcraft from a version installed with Wine and the Windows version from my Windows partition.
The problem is that although Starcraft installed and ran perfectly (a happy surprise), when i get to the race select screen and i select Terran as it's Stage 1, the game then takes ages to get to the next screen, a good 5 minutes or so.

Also, and this is worse. When i finally get to gameplay and i move the pointer off screen, rather than scrolling it just moves the game screen away to display the very low resolution desktop!

Last point!
I tried to go online which it did ok but the screen with the chat and game select was scewed up, i.e. most of the screen was black with just bits of what i should see visible.

Please help if you have any ideas as i do love this damn game!

Thanks in advance


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