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prototerm 08-02-2006 10:51 PM

OSS Has Alsa Distortion in Quake 4
I'm currently running the 1.2.1 version of Quake 4 in Suse 10.1. When I use Alsa, the sound is distorted, just as a lot of others have reported. When I tell Quake4 to use OSS (seta s_driver "oss"), everything works just fine for a while, and then the sound starts to go bad, pretty much sounding like it does when using Alsa. However, I can sometimes fix it for a few minutes by re-selecting the "Default" in the sound control panel, and letting the program re-initialize it. I have the number of speakers set to 2.

Sometimes, however, this doesn't work. A few times, it fails right from the get-go, and I'm out of luck.

I'm hoping this is a configuration problem somewhere. What I'm afraid of is that Suse has removed something *else* from the 10.1 distro (like my video card and wi-fi driver).

The sound card shows up in Yast2 as "IXP SB400 AC'97 Audio Controller". The kernel is "", and I'm running KDE "3.5.1 Level a".

I've tried reducing the number of "max channels mixed", as well as suspending artsd, but nothing changed. I feel I'm overlooking something obvious here, since I've been unable to locate any discussion where the sound works for a while then stops, then (sometimes) works again, then stops.

The sound-related settings from my Quake4Config.cfg file are as follows:


seta s_maxChannelsMixed "24"
seta s_musicVolume "0.5"
seta s_decompressionLimit "2"
seta s_globalFraction "0.8"
seta s_playDefaultSound "1"
seta s_maxSoundsPerShader "0"
seta s_doorDistanceAdd "150"
seta s_volume "0.349206"
seta s_radioChatterFraction "0.9"
seta s_speakerFraction "0.65"
seta s_numberOfSpeakers "2"
seta s_subFraction "0.5"
seta s_meterTopTime "2000"
seta s_reverse "0"
seta s_spatializationDecay "2"
seta s_dsp "/dev/dsp"
seta s_driver "oss"
seta s_alsa_lib ""
seta s_alsa_pcm "plughw:0"

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