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z-vet 10-13-2010 11:03 AM

No sound in UT2003 after upgrade to Maverick
Hi all.
Just upgraded my Ubuntu from Lucid to Maverick and now i have no sound in UT 2003 (yes, i still love and play it). The error i get is:

open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory
I have sound in all other apps, be it music/video players, Skype or whatever. Please help.

H_TeXMeX_H 10-13-2010 01:42 PM

Well, first check and make sure that /dev/dsp indeed does not exist. Then you may want to check the kernel config, so run something like:


zcat /proc/config.gz | grep CONFIG_SND_PCM_OSS
It should be 'y' or 'm'. I can't imagine that they took out OSS support completely, even tho it is deprecated many programs still use this interface.

z-vet 10-14-2010 08:09 AM

I think they actually did it. But padsp from pulseaudio-utils did it for me: instead of running 'ut2003' i run 'padsp ut2003' and sound works again. :)

H_TeXMeX_H 10-14-2010 12:42 PM

Oh, I see, so now they use pulseaudio, well now we know the solution.

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