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Thermodynamic 01-26-2004 07:26 PM

Multiple keystrokes in UT2003...

I had been testing my Ati 9800 pro card. While it did not outperform the nvidia 4600 in my tests , it DID allow me to use multiple keystrokes at the same time. Such as looking up and down while firing.

With the Nvidia card installed, with any nvidia driver to date, I can only look or fire - not do both. I have to let go of one key to press another.

Or is there another issue?



SuSE 9 Pro (2.4.21-99_athlon)
Abit nf7 mobo
nvidia geforce 4600ti video
sb audigy sound
3com 3c905c-tx nic
1gb ram

Thermodynamic 01-26-2004 07:30 PM

Problem happens with CTRL key only; ALT works fine, oddly...

Thanks for any hints/tips!

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