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anserq 05-03-2006 06:42 PM

Fedora Core 4 - 64bit version installing STEAM
How can i setup STEAM ( )
It gives me some errors when i try and run it.
I have not bought cedega yet because.. i want to test the time demo first. IS anyone running steam/counter-strike/cedega (time demo) on this sort of a box? :confused:

hisnumber666 05-03-2006 08:13 PM

what kind of errors and what game are you trying to run? there is a steam+cs_1.6 installer out there in a single exe. cvswinex didnt run anything at all for me. regular wine actually got me steam window with login stuff without any errors but there is no text cause the fonts are missing. i havent messed with that yet. there is a regular wine version with directx9 patches. try that. from what i hear for many people regular wine worked better. currently im trying to compile cvscedega but im getting very nasty compiling errors...

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