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Old 03-13-2005, 09:52 PM   #1
LQ Newbie
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Distribution: Gentoo
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Cedega - Morrowind: no more "unknown frame buffer" error (inc. my config file)

I have been going insane trying to get Morrowind to run under Cedega 4.2.1 and 4.3 for weeks. I was constantly getting the "unknown frame buffer" error that others have been suffering.

My system:
AMD 1800
Radeon 9600 (ati-drivers-8.8.25-r5)
Gentoo (sync'd to March 2005)
Cedega 4.3

Google, and several forums, failed to supply me with the answers, so I decided to fiddle with my Cedega config file until my eyes bled.

I finally got the game to load, so I'll post my config file with the hope that it will help someone else.

;; All keys relative to \\Machine\\Software\\Wine\\Wine\\Config

;; MS-DOS drives configuration
;; Each section has the following format:
;; [Drive X]
;; "Path"="xxx" (Unix path for drive root)
;; "Type"="xxx" (supported types are 'floppy', 'hd', 'cdrom' and 'network')
;; "Label"="xxx" (drive label, at most 11 characters)
;; "Serial"="xxx" (serial number, 8 characters hexadecimal number)
;; "Filesystem"="xxx" (supported types are 'msdos'/'dos'/'fat', 'win95'/'vfat', 'unix')
;; This is the FS Wine is supposed to emulate on a certain
;; directory structure.
;; Recommended:
;; - "win95" for ext2fs, VFAT and FAT32
;; - "msdos" for FAT16 (ugly, upgrading to VFAT driver strongly recommended)
;; DON'T use "unix" unless you intend to port programs using Winelib !
;; "Device"="/dev/xx" (only if you want to allow raw device access)
[Drive C]
"Path" = "/home/ian/.transgaming/c_drive"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "Dos Drive"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

[Drive D]
"Path" = "${HOME}"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "My Home"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

[Drive E]
"Path" = "/tmp"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "tmp"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

[Drive G]
"Path" = "/"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "root"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

"Windows" = "c:\\windows"
"System" = "c:\\windows\\system32\\"
"Temp" = "e:\\"
"Path" = "c:\\windows\\;c:\\windows\\system32\\"
"GraphicsDriver" = "x11drv"
; Wine doesn't pass directory symlinks to Windows programs by default.
; Enabling this may crash some programs that do recursive lookups of a whole
; subdir tree in case of a symlink pointing back to itself.
; Note: The WINESHELLLINK Environment variable will override this setting.
; (which is set in the winex startup script)
;"ShowDirSymlinks" = "1"
"ShellLinker" = "/usr/lib/transgaming_cedega/winex/bin/wineshelllink"
; Browser to be used by winebrowserlink.
; Note: The WINEBROWSER Environment variable will override this setting.
;"Browser" = "/usr/bin/konqueror"
; Use the mozilla control as the IE control where available
;"MozillaControl" = "Y"

# <wineconf>

"DefaultLoadOrder" = "native, builtin, so"

"commdlg" = "builtin, native"
"comdlg32" = "builtin, native"
"oleaut32" = "builtin, native"
"ver" = "builtin, native"
"version" = "builtin, native"
"shell" = "builtin, native"
"shell32" = "builtin, native"
"shfolder" = "builtin, native"
"shlwapi" = "builtin, native"
"lzexpand" = "builtin, native"
"lz32" = "builtin, native"
"comctl32" = "builtin, native"
"commctrl" = "builtin, native"
"advapi32" = "builtin, native"
"crtdll" = "builtin, native"
"mpr" = "builtin, native"
"winspool.drv" = "builtin, native"
"d3d8" = "builtin, native"
"d3d9" = "builtin, native"
"d3drm" = "builtin, native"
"ddraw" = "builtin, native"
"dinput" = "builtin, native"
"dinput8" = "builtin, native"
"dmusic" = "builtin, native"
"dsound" = "builtin, native"
"opengl32" = "builtin, native"
"msvcrt" = "native, builtin"
"rpcrt4" = "native, builtin"
"msvideo" = "builtin, native"
"msvfw32" = "builtin, native"
"mcicda.drv" = "builtin, native"
"mciseq.drv" = "builtin, native"
"mciwave.drv" = "builtin, native"
"mciavi.drv" = "native, builtin"
"mcianim.drv" = "native, builtin"
"msacm.drv" = "builtin, native"
"msacm" = "builtin, native"
"msacm32" = "builtin, native"
"midimap.drv" = "builtin, native"
"wininet" = "builtin, native"

; Windows version to imitate. Valid versions are: 'win20', 'win30', 'win31', 'win95', 'win98', 'winme', 'nt351', 'nt40', 'win2000', 'winxp'
"Windows" = "winxp"
;"DOS" = "6.22"

"ARB_VBO" = "Y"
"NV_VAR" = "N"
; Number of colors to allocate from the system palette
"AllocSystemColors" = "100"
; Number of colors to copy from the default palette
"CopyDefaultColors" = "0"
; Use a private color map
"PrivateColorMap" = "N"
; Favor correctness over speed in some graphics operations . mod from N
"PerfectGraphics" = "Y"
; Color depth to use on multi-depth screens . mod from 16 + uncomment
"ScreenDepth" = "24"
; Name of X11 display to use
;;"Display" = ":0.0"
; Allow the window manager to manage created windows
"Managed" = "Y"
; Use a desktop window of the given size
;"Desktop" = "800x600"
; Use XFree86 DGA extension if present
; (make sure /dev/mem is accessible by you !) mod, from N
"UseDGA" = "Y"
; Use XShm extension if present
"UseXShm" = "Y"
; Enable DirectX mouse grab
"DXGrab" = "Y"
; Use XVidMode extension if present
"UseXVidMode" = "Y"
; Use XRandR extension if present
"UseXRandR" = "Y"
; (useful to play OpenGL games)
"DesktopDoubleBuffered" = "Y"
; Code page used for captions in managed mode
; 0 means default ANSI code page (CP_ACP == 0)
"TextCP" = "0"
; Use this if you have more than one port for video on your setup
; (Wine uses for now the first 'input image' it finds).
;; "XVideoPort" = "43"
; Use this to make your X server execute all commands
; sequentially rather than buffering commands. Will make
; everything really SLOW but can be nice for debugging.
;; "Synchronous" = "Y"
; Enable the FPS count on the TransGaming HUD (also activates the HUD)
;; "ShowFPS" = "Y"
; Enable memory statistics on the TransGaming HUD (must have ShowFPS activated)
;; "ShowMem" = "Y"
; How much Video RAM does your card have?
"VideoRam" = "128"
"AGPVertexRam" = "128"
;;"NV_VAR" = "Y"
; Use ARB_VBO (enabled by default, NV_VAR takes precendence) . mod to uncommented
"ARB_VBO" = "Y"

"AnisotropicTextureFiltering" = "N"
"VertexShaders" = "Y"
; type of vertex shaders to use (Hardware/Software/Auto)
; hardware will use whatever the opengl drivers make available
; software will use winex software emulation (will be slow!)
; (has not been implemented yet!)
;; "VertexShaderMode" = "Auto"
"PixelShaders" = "N"
;;"PixelShadersLevel" = "1.1"
"ClipSpaceFix" = "Y"
; enable software vertex blend weight support (Yes/No/Auto)
; provide software blending fallback if hardware support not available
; (has not been implemented yet!)
;; "SoftwareVertexBlending" = "Auto"
; (dev-only) Maximum number of texture stages that WineX should attempt to use (1-8)
;; "MaxTextureStages" = "8"
; (dev-only) Identify polygons under the mouse cursor
;; "InterceptMode" = "N"
; (dev-only) apply fragment translation in vertex program (No/Tex/Auto/Pos)
;;"FragmentOffset" = "Auto"
; use the fixed function over vertex shader pipeline (Yes/No/Auto)
;;"FixedProgram" = "Auto"
; (dev-only) Provide non power of two texture support using rectangle textures (Yes/No/Auto)
;;"RectangleTextures" = "Auto"

; Report a truncated list of OpenGL extensions to the application . mod from N + uncommented
"FixedGLExtensionBuffer" = "Y"
; list of additions (+) or deletions (-) to the list of extensions
; reported when FixedGLExtensionBuffer is enabled. Note that extensions
; cannot be enabled if they are not supported by your video card/drivers
;;"GLExtensionBuffer" = "+GL_ARB_imaging,-GL_ARB_depth_texture"

; dead zone for joystick input from 0 to 10000. 1000 is 10% of range.
"DefaultDeadZone" = "1000"

;; Configuration of the function of joystick axes
;; The joystick name and axis functions can be determined with jstest.
;; The available axis types are:
;; "none", "X", "Y", "Z", "RX", "RY", "RZ",
;; "slider", "hat", "POV", and "ball"
;; "hat" and "POV" are synonymous. Hats use two axes.

"Logitech Inc. WingMan RumblePad" = "X,Y,slider,Z,RZ,hat,none"

"FreeType" = "Y"
;Read documentation/fonts before adding aliases
"Resolution" = "96"
"Default" = "-adobe-times-"
; Use new improved fonts (uses FreeType and XRender libraries) at user request.
; Defaults to "Y".
;"FreeType" = "N"

"Pattern0" = "-adobe-times*"
"Pattern1" = "-adobe-helvetica*"
"Pattern2" = "-adobe-courier*"
"Pattern3" = "-misc-fixed*"


;; Add font aliases here. On the left put the name of the windows font family
;; that you want to fake, on the right put the a similar font family that you
;; have installed. These will override the fontconfig and the WineX builtin fallbacks,
;; but may look better (if you choose them correctly).
;; Alias' may refer to other alias' that have been defined above them.
;; These alias' are the first that WineX loads.
;; Serif Fonts
;"Times New Roman"="Times"
"MS Serif"="Times New Roman"
;; Sans Serif Fonts
"MS Sans Serif"="Arial"
;; Mono Space Fonts
;"Courier New"="Courier"

;; Attempt to make memory allocation more windows like.
;; Not for use with all applications. Best used in app default section.
; "MemoryLayoutOverride" = "0x10000000"

"Com1" = "/dev/ttyS0"
"Com2" = "/dev/ttyS1"
"Com3" = "/dev/ttyS2"
"Com4" = "/dev/modem"

"Lpt1" = "/dev/lp0"

"LPT1:" = "|lpr"
"LPT2:" = "|gs -sDEVICE=bj200 -sOutputFile=/tmp/fred -q -"
"LPT3:" = "/dev/lp3"

;"read" = "0x779,0x379,0x280-0x2a0"
; "write" = "0x779,0x379,0x280-0x2a0"

"Exclude" = "WM_SIZE;WM_TIMER;"

;These are all booleans. Y/y/T/t/1 are true, N/n/F/f/0 are false.
;Defaults are read all, write to Home
; Global registries (stored in /etc)
"LoadGlobalRegistryFiles" = "n"
; Home registries (stored in ~user/.wine/)
"LoadHomeRegistryFiles" = "Y"
; Load Windows registries from the Windows directory
"LoadWindowsRegistryFiles" = "n"
; TRY to write all changes to home registries
"WritetoHomeRegistryFiles" = "Y"
; Registry periodic save timeout in seconds
; "PeriodicSave" = "600"
; Save only modified keys
"SaveOnlyUpdatedKeys" = "Y"

;; supported styles are 'Win31'(default), 'Win95', 'Win98'
"WineLook" = "Win98"

"Drivers" = "xterm"
;"Drivers" = "tty"
"XtermProg" = "konsole"
;"InitialRows" = "25"
;"InitialColumns" = "80"
;"TerminalType" = "nxterm"

"ClearAllSelections" = "0"
"PersistentSelection" = "1"

; List of all directories directly contain .AFM files
;"1" = "/usr/share/ghostscript/fonts"
;"2" = "/usr/share/a2ps/afm"
;"3" = "/usr/share/enscript"
;"4" = "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1"

"SHMWineserver" = "Y"

"Drivers" = "wineoss.drv"

"UseMMap" = "N"
"FullDuplex" = "N"
;; Specify a mapping for what digital audio devices to use
;"dsp0" = "/dev/dsp0"
;"mixer0" = "/dev/mixer0"

"UseMMap" = "N"
;"ctl0" = "hw"

;; App default settings

;; Battle Field 1942 settings
"ClipSpaceFix" = "N"

;; Medal Of Honor settings
"MemoryLayoutOverride" = "0x10000000"
"FixedGLExtensionBuffer" = "Y"
"MemoryLayoutOverride" = "0x10000000"
"FixedGLExtensionBuffer" = "Y"

"MemoryLayoutOverride" = "0x10000000"
"FixedGLExtensionBuffer" = "Y"
"Windows" = "win2k"
"MemoryLayoutOverride" = "0x10000000"
"FixedGLExtensionBuffer" = "Y"

"FixedGLExtensionBuffer" = "Y"
"windows" = "win2k"

;; SimCity 4 settings
[AppDefaults\\SimCity 4.exe\\Version]
"Windows" = "win2k"
[AppDefaults\\SimCity 4.exe\\transgaming]
"cmdlineadd" = "-d:software"

;; Civ 3
"Windows" = "win2k"
"Windows" = "win2k"
"Windows" = "win2k"

;; Call of Duty
"Windows" = "win2k"
"Windows" = "win2k"

;; City of Heros
"Windows" = "win2k"
"CursorAlphaAlwaysOn" = "Y"
"Windows" = "win2k"
"CursorAlphaAlwaysOn" = "Y"

;; Command & Conquer: Generals
"Windows" = "win2k"

;; Painkiller
"Windows" = "win2k"

;; EverQuest
"ClipSpaceFix" = "N"
"ForceMaxVertexBlendMatrices" = "2"
"ClipSpaceFix" = "N"
"ForceMaxVertexBlendMatrices" = "2"

;; Half-life 2
"ForceMaxVertexBlendMatrices" = "2"

;; Need for Speed Underground
"PixelShaders" = "N"

;; Max Payne 2
"PixelShaders" = "N"

;; Doom 3
"Windows" = "win2k"

;; Far Cry
"Windows" = "win2k"
"PretendGeforceTwoForFixedFunction" = "Y"

;; Sid Meier's Pirates!
"ForceMaxTextureBlendStages" = "8"

[AppDefaults\\Morrowind Launcher.exe\\x11drv]
"ARB_VBO" = "N"
"NV_VAR" = "N"
"Desktop" = "640x480"
[AppDefaults\\Morrowind Launcher.exe\\winealsa]
"UseMMap" = "N"
[AppDefaults\\Morrowind Launcher.exe\\WinMM]
"Drivers" = "winealsa.drv"
[AppDefaults\\Morrowind Launcher.exe\\d3dgl]
"PixelShaders" = "N"
[AppDefaults\\Morrowind Launcher.exe\\Version]
"Windows" = "winxp"
[AppDefaults\\Morrowind Launcher.exe\\transgaming]
"force_pthreads" = "N"
"bigexe" = "N"
"renice_wineserver" = "Y"
"winexversion" = "cedega"

"ARB_VBO" = "Y"
"NV_VAR" = "N"
"Desktop" = "640x480" ;comment to enable fullscreen (i think)
"UseMMap" = "N"
"Drivers" = "winealsa.drv"
"VertexShaders" = "Y"
"PixelShaders" = "Y"
"Windows" = "win98"
"force_pthreads" = "N"
"bigexe" = "N"
"renice_wineserver" = "N"

"force_pthreads" = "N"
"renice_wineserver" = "N"
"winexversion" = "cedega"

# </wineconf>

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Wow! I was afraid of that...

Is Morrowind really tough to get running?
Or is this typical of every big application under WINE?

Thank you for posting this, I was also hoping to avoid
just what you have described while trying to install Morrowind.
Old 03-19-2005, 05:20 AM   #3
LQ Newbie
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Distribution: Gentoo
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Original Poster
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I havn't tried to install anything other than Morrowind with cedega.

Morrowind is such a pain in the ass to get working that I abandoned it. After I posted this, I found that the error message had returned. I doubt that my cedega config file had anything to do with Morrowind running for the short time that it did. I was installing updates while trying to get Morrowind going, and some random update may have been the reason it would run.

I'm now playing neverwinter nights, instead, because it has a linux native client. It's pretty good.

I know that Morrowind is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get running for some people, like me. Some people don't have any problems with it, though.

I did learn that DGA should not be enabled, in either your X config or the cedega config, because it'll probably crash your X server.
Old 04-21-2005, 10:39 AM   #4
LQ Newbie
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Hi, I don't know if this will be of any help but I got Morrowind running OK in the first try. Maybe I could post some of the config files so you can check them out and get some ideas. I am quite a noobie and I have completely no idea how to configure anything but maybe I can contribute with something :P

I'm using Debian Sarge 3.0, KDE 3.3, Cedega 4.3-1 on an AMD Sempron 2400+, 512 MB RAM, nvidia TNT2 32 MB. I have Tribunal and Bloodmoon installed and no other patches

Let me know if I can be of any help.

PS: I can run Morrowing smoother in Linux using 800x600 resolution than in Win2k. I guess it's worth tying. Althouh, sometimes it closes suddenly, which also does in window$, but in win it does it less frecuently.
Old 05-19-2005, 11:32 AM   #5
LQ Newbie
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I also like Morrowind but haven't tried installing it in linux and probably won't.
I just noticed that fonejack had a radeon card (as do I), and chaca1983 has an NV card (I'm surprised morrowind will run on that old a card though). I have had several problems with openGL support due to ATI's bad drivers (incomplete/buggy opengl implementation), so I suspect this is the problem. I don't really want to try to install it myself, since it'll probably get about a tenth the frame rate it gets in windows (ATI drivers).
Old 06-05-2005, 01:50 AM   #6
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I just got it running quite well under cedega. Just as well as in Windows... This is all I have in my config file:

;; Morrowind
"Desktop" = "1024x768"
I also used the loki installer but that calls upon chdir which I don't have... pushd/popd bombs resulting in a wacky install directory... Not too hard to get it back into place manually. So anyway...

"x11drv" is what causes the problems with the framebuffer error. Change it to "d3dgl".. The 'Desktop' entry was needed for me to run it full screen.

Also, I think I should mention, Farcry runs beautifully under cedega... The loki installer for it is flawless...

Last edited by jong357; 06-05-2005 at 01:53 AM.
Old 06-19-2005, 06:02 PM   #7
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hey just to let u know, I recently tried installing Morrowind on my slack10 too. I'm running cedega 4.3.2 and i get the same "unknown framebuffer mode" error msg. No matter what I do I can't get rid of it and I use a ati 9700pro, (with the latest drivers) so I think the problem seems to happen only w/ ati people, not nvidia.

If you found a way to fix this by know post here so we can know.


ps.: setting "GraphicsDriver" to d3dgl won't work either, it doesn't even load up the morrowind launcher.

Last edited by ttilt; 06-19-2005 at 06:08 PM.


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