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JBailey742 08-10-2006 06:57 PM

Can you install the game path to other folder and get the installer to work?
I know, another noob question. But anyway,

Thanks to some on this site and transgaming, I was able to play Call of Duty & Call of Duty: United Offensive using some "loki installer".
The question is, I was use to having a setup like in windows, like this:

C:\Games\(Game folder)

Naturally I can't use C:\, but that's fine. I'd like /home/jeremy/Games/(Game folder), but when I install it in that folder, I can't play the game. It mentions it can't find the exe file to run the game, or folder it seems.

Am I doing something wrong? I believe I even tried moving the game files (the single file to load the game) into the /Games/ Folder, but no luck. It won't load up the game, just displays errors, no folder/file exist, no exe, along those lines.

mike160 08-10-2006 08:42 PM

Are you using Cedega ?? I belive the loki installers require Cedega or Wine to be installed, but i could be wrong, forgive me if that is the case.

I do know that certain games like to be in usr/local/games/(game_name_here) in order for them to work right.

JBailey742 08-10-2006 10:04 PM

the loki site has it separated in two catagories; cedega/wine and native.

The three games I have listed below requires Cedega. I found that out when I tried to install the loki installer without cedega.

American McGee's Alice
Call of Duty
Call of Duty - United Offensive

The other I have, Doom 3, is under native, which I will install soon and see what happens there.

By default, the game folder goes to /home/jeremy/(game name folder).
I'd prefer /home/Jeremy/Games/(Game name folder), but it's like it can't find it unless it's the default path. One example,

home/jeremy/cod (Call of Duty game)

the folder where the file is located to load the game is:


so I type "sh codsp" and it loads.

I can't get it to the folder I'd like, because it says it can't find the exe file and/or the folder, something doesn't exist.

Lastly, just found out. I see when I highlight the file, it shows in the status bar, the location to the game folder. I'll test something, and see if it does get anywhere or not.

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