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johnsshadow 09-25-2008 05:09 AM

building a main menu icon/ manual updating/installing alien arena
ok i downloaded the alien arena 2008 v.7
it runs fine with no problems

i would like to add it to the main menu

i have found the original alien arena data in usr/share/games/alien-arena

im trying to replace the old package with the new one i downloaded

problem: the file structure is different enough to be less then a no brainer, so im hesitating to just delete and copy & paste

considering that the run command is just diffrent enought to screw up everything (the boot progam) is crx & crx.sdl & crxed

how to i make the the main menu icon boot these files and display the icon (aa.png & aa1.ico)

well if this works i have just found a way to make many linux gamers happy and updated

if this works the same procedure can be applied to warsow (apparently this is an issue for this game too)
im not sure why the software mall (add/remove) dose'nt have the updates but this would be an easy fix

almatic 09-25-2008 07:19 AM

look in /usr/share/applications (for kde /usr/share/applications/kde). There should be a .desktop file for the game (like alienarena.desktop). Open it with a texteditor and change it according to the new values. The layout should be self-explanatory.
If no such file exists, create it yourself, it should look similar to that:


[Desktop Entry]
Name=Alien Arena
Comment=Nexuiz is better

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