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fourevilmonkies 07-20-2004 01:19 AM

Black and white... I have issues with going beyond the splash screen
Hello again to all my friends...

I have yet another issue this time regarding Black and White (a wonderful game I might add)... Yes I have visited and I spent a wealth of time there... I haven't found the exact answer or solution to my problem and that is why I am here... I have problems getting past the splash screen but I would notice a nice little window try to open but dissapear as winex apparently kills the game... I belive I have winex version 3.0. I am running FC2 (which could be the whole problem all togeather) I have fixed the error=21 problem thanks to this site. If you need any more information regarding this problem I will gladly tell you... And if there is a thread that I have over looked or a major detail that I have missed please inform me...

Thank you for your time...

Micro420 07-20-2004 04:00 PM

I believe there is a Loki installer for this game. DId you install it using the Loki installer and shortcut?

fourevilmonkies 07-20-2004 10:47 PM

Unfortunately I dont have the loki installer. Also I did an install off the cd.

azraelder 07-21-2004 06:21 AM

I've got Black and White to run on my linux box (Red Hat 9, AMD 1.1 gHz)

I'm using Winex 3.3.2 and I freshly installed Black and White onto linux using winex.

To play Black and White I mount the cd and run autorun.exe. This comes up with a menu to either play, uninstall or options. I press play and up it comes.

I think installation under linux is nessessay because it keeps a fair bit of information in the windows registry which winex needs to know about.

Also, I found 3.3.2 runs it the best on my machine, earlier versions (3.2) tended to skip some parts of sounds such as speaches and Cedega tended to pause annoyingly for some reason at random intervals.

Unfortunately you will have to train up a new cow (or tiger or ape if you like those sorts of creatures) but I'm sure if you know what you are doing that won't be to hard. Even in windows, trying to save your creature is a difficult processes because a lot of the information was stored in the registry. How you port this information to winex I have no idea.

The only other gripe is that the textures don't seem to be completly right but that isn't to much of a hassle.

Good Luck - Azraelder
Moo! - My cow

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