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Judland 10-01-2003 02:18 AM

Another way to support the Linux gaming community is to spend some money on the software Linux game developers create. There are some really great games already available (and soon to be released) for Linux.

Check out sites like:

Just to name a few.

Also, contact your favorite game publishers (Lucasarts, etc) and tell them that you would spend money on their products if they ported to Linux. These companies will follow the money, so the more people that tell them so, the sooner they'll be contributing to the gamers using Linux.

yapp 10-01-2003 02:56 AM


cool :cool:

I love your reply.

Maybe I'll try to port my Carrier game some day too; it's based on a puzzle game I've played at some handheld console. Last month I was thinking about this. I've written it in Visual Basic, but it would be cool to re-write the thing in C++ and QT, and submit it to :D. ... but I don't have that much time right now :( :p (guess what, I'd call the game Karrier :p)

If you need some programmer's advice; don't hesitate to ask. I think there are a lot of people around here with some experience, and tips for newbies. ;)

It's just that all my windows friends mock my efforts to run windows games in Linux.

I'd like to share some of you experiences at this point, hope it helps. :)

2 years ago, I would have said the same: why run into all these troubles? But a year later, I saw someone doing the most wonderful things with Linux. Working fluently in the console and in vim, opening ssh, typing a few shell commands to configure their www-root (located at their workstation, while they were at school), copying files to their workstation at home, X forwarding of kde 3 (or Solaris machines at school suck, and have kde 1.0 installed), checking their mail with pine or squirllmail (imap)

Last but not least, X-forwarding of OpenOffice.. And if you press the "open" dialog, you'll see your own remote home directory. (it was quite funny to see) And I wanted to press the print button, but he said "no, it will start the printer at home"... and I thought... wow can you use your printer with Linux too? And by the way, I was a little amazed about OpenOffice because it really looked cool. And he said, well it's 200MB and free. I couldn't believe it, because it seamed to have everything.

conclusion: ...people just can't imagine what you can do with Linux, nor imagine what X-forwarding, ssh + command line really mean. Most people (including me first) think you cannot do a damn thing with Linux. All I saw before, was a bunch frustrated users, working too hard to get their machine running. But these powers of Linux really shocked me.

That's why I don't try to impress my friends with gaming at Linux, but when they see "Unreal Tournament" at my desktop, they ask.. can you play games with Linux too? and I show them. ..and I just open konqueror, and they say "wow ... this doesn't look that user-unfriendly".

last but not least: I show them how the Unreal Tournament settings are stored in ~/.loki/ut; every user can have it's own settings, I show them the symlinks to my Windows partition (no duplicate files), and I explain that I (or a virus) can't hurt anything outside my home directory. :D Techies often find these points interesting, since it's soo simple to understand, and yet to effective.

Let Linux itself amaze your friends ;)

btw: Unreal Tournament has a native Linux port, UT2003 even has a Linux installer on disk 3 ;)

Kroppus 10-01-2003 03:59 AM

Uppsi Daisy
I think both ideas are great. Both Porting existing games and making some new games for Linux.
I use a mix of vmware and winex to play games on my box, and i still have to drop back into windows for some that won't play.

Showing of linux is a good idea, but it needs some more great games. Most people i know that looks at linux sees only the console based games and don't care or have the knowledge to bother to find other games. I even know people that's been running linux for years and argue that to have a deent solitaire cardgame they must have some sort of windows running on it.
Like PySol for instance?

Most people buys a pc to play games on it and even though UT2003 came with a well hidden linux installer. There's no hints on their webpage about it, no tips how to install it. If you don't care to search the forum for tips, you don't have much chance to install it straight from the box. Unless your lucky. :) I wasn't.

When it comes to coding, i'm sorry. I haven't done any coding since i worked on the Commodore 64 and then crossed over to the Amiga. And couldn't unsderstand why my code didn't work. :)

But anyone that needs graphics, ideas for games and or levels or webpages? I'm in. PM me or mail me.

I'm still working on a redo of my old webpages. Things takes time in Norway. :)
Specially with exams running now as they are.. :(

teval 10-01-2003 07:37 AM


Currently I'm mostly working on
Work on the project stopped early this year, and we've resumed a month or so ago. New version comming soon with SDL instead of Allergo.

If you want to learn programming there are a lot of good books out there. google for learning c++ and you'll find many. There are also a lot of websites about game programming and graphics programming.
Or.. you could learn GIMP and contribute art to a game.

Happy to see that you want to help projects out. Try to not start your own. I know how it feels to want to do so. Try to go around, find a game that hasn't been developed in a while, contact the developer, and see what happens. He/she might even help you out, but you won't be starting from scrach.
Check out lincity for something like this. That game needs a new interface, and to use a modern library like SDL. Sourceforge is a great place to find projects like this.

yapp 10-01-2003 08:41 AM


hehe need windows for patience? :D I think you've pointed out a good thing here..! Newbies don't know that KDE has more games installed, compared to Windows XP... Just like all the other things I'd described in my previous post.


cool. :) looks awsome.. :) Do you have some screen-shots too? Unfortunately, I couldn't find these at your web-page.

I'm sorry to confess... but at least, it's honest... I find your website a bit screen-consuming. The design is cool, but isn't it a little overwhelming?

I've been noticing that my website doesn't follow the rules of the page either, but you might pick out some idea's. (I hope this doesn't sound rude or something. :() It did gave me a lot of inspirating making a nice web-page.

CoopLinux 10-01-2003 09:17 AM

I'm all for more games in Linux, as a passionate gamer the only reason I still have windows installed is because of games (and a few other windows only apps).

Kroppus 10-01-2003 09:56 AM

I know, but that's not a newbie i was talking about either. That's after all the guy that managed to get me into Debian and *smiles* shall we say rekindle my passion for Linux? He's the one all my friends have been bugging with questions about "How to do this and that". :)
Strangely enough, he manages to run Red Alert 2 (pirated version) from Wine with no problem.

Yepps, Linux needs more games. And at the same time it needs to be told what games there is avaiable for it. Not everyone cares to search through K-packager, sourceforge or the rest of the net for a game.
Take me? I prefer actually to stop ouside a shop and see what's on the shelves and maybe buy a new game. Opps? I guess i still need my windows.

You know you're tiered when you have just finished burning a cd and can't get the dvd you just inserted to mount. *forgot that the dvd is out so that he can make a new back-up*

teval 10-01-2003 02:53 PM


Heh, yeah. I know about the website. I didn't make it, but plan to make a new one after the new version of borqueror is out. It's a civ-type game in space. Like master of orion. But with 3d battle instead of 2d.
The game doesn't look too impressive right now, when the new version is out, we'll put up some screenshots.

Maybe they should add a Linux - Games forum?

Genesee 10-02-2003 06:29 PM


Originally posted by Abe_the_Man
You know teval, you are absolutely right! I think that was the kick in the pants that i needed! I'm gonna go and learn to do 'something' that could benefit open source Linux gaming!
hey Abe -

Linux-gamers might be a good place to check out.


trickykid 10-02-2003 07:23 PM

Moved: Seems suitable in our New Games forum. Regards.

yapp 10-03-2003 04:43 AM

Just game across those: game browser There are more then 200 sdl games here :)

...and try the plib gallery as well :)

arioch 10-03-2003 07:48 AM

Well Abe, my friend and I were talking about making a very eminence First Person Shooter/RPG/Puzzle/whatever else we can manage to code. It will take a lot of time, but if we have the community's help it should only take about a year or so. We are going to need everyone. Textures are going to be the biggest thing. We need *AMAZING* texture start drawing....bump mapping is a necessity.

yapp 10-03-2003 08:19 AM


Originally posted by arioch
Well Abe, my friend and I were talking about making a very eminence First Person Shooter/RPG/Puzzle/whatever else we can manage to code.
Cool :) and there is another thing everyone could do: if you have problems starting your own project (though you'll learn a lot), you can choose to code for an existing project. Download their CVS, understand the code, and modify it a little. Send patches (diff -u) to the authors, letting them know you're a coder willing to help. They might ask you one day to join their project too.

arioch 10-03-2003 08:51 AM

Sounds like a plan :) I'm sure the community will back us in our quest for knowledge.

this is something that we cant just give up on...its an on going tedious process that rewards you with knowledge and something to kill time (or kill).

Abe_the_Man 10-03-2003 10:56 AM

Well Arioch, best of luck to you! I'd love to help out any way i can, but i'm no artist, so i wouldn't be much help with textures very much (though i'll see what i can learn). I don't have any relevant programming skills....... I can type! Need any story help, or maybe help with a manual, or something.... I don't know.... But you wan't the help of an enthusiastic gamer i'm here!

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