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Lennie 01-08-2014 11:56 AM

Which packages from LFS can be upgraded?
Feeling bored, I added LFS-svn to my script that searches for updates. Now when I run it I get this:

$ whatsnew 
Xorg apps: 
Xorg libs: 
Xorg fonts: 
Xorg drivers:
Python modules: 
Perl modules:
man-pages    3.53    [lfs-svn: 3.55]
file    5.14    [lfs-svn: 5.16]
binutils    2.23.2    [lfs-svn: 2.24]
util-linux    2.23.2    [lfs-svn: 2.24]
procps-ng    3.3.8    [lfs-svn: 3.3.9]
e2fsprogs    1.42.8    [lfs-svn: 1.42.9]
coreutils    8.21    [lfs-svn: 8.22]
m4    1.4.16    [lfs-svn: 1.4.17]
bison    3.0    [lfs-svn: 3.0.2]
gdbm    1.10    [lfs-svn: 1.11]
automake    1.14    [lfs-svn: 1.14.1]
gettext    0.18.3    [lfs-svn:]
iproute2    3.10.0    [lfs-svn: 3.12.0]
kbd    1.15.5    [lfs-svn: 2.0.1]
kmod    14    [lfs-svn: 16]
libpipeline    1.2.4    [lfs-svn: 1.2.6]
make    3.82    [lfs-svn: 4.0]
texinfo    5.1    [lfs-svn: 5.2]

So now the question is which packages are safe to update?
And which packages need to be built in a new toolchain to be updated?

I understand linux api headers and glibc are the most critical, and I wouldn't even think about updating them before next release. (Linux api headers is not shown by my script, and there is no update to glibc now.)

Binutils seems to be very critical, because it gets build twice in chapter 5. Does it also mean it can't be updated without a new tool chain?

I know make 4 can cause problems, and that many packages needs to be patched to build with it, so I won't touch it.

I know that if a package get a big version bump, which changes the number of the library that other packages links against, all packages that link against it need to be recompiled. I understand it could be impossible, if programs that are needed during the build and install stops working, and therefore they also need to be updated in a new tool chain. Then I only need to to find out which packages that is...

But I guess there are some packages that can be updated... I have already updated grep, tar and gmp.

Ideas someone? "My fingers are itching..." (If one can say like that in english...)

ReaperX7 01-08-2014 09:05 PM

You can update about everything but glibc and the glibc kernel headers usually without too many issues.

Updating glibc and the glibc-kernel-headers is about the only thing that would constitute a complete rebuild. Otherwise, feel free.

Lennie 01-09-2014 01:12 AM

Great! :D

ReaperX7 01-09-2014 03:24 AM

I would recommend if you do update anything that you switch back to a console login and work outside of X.

Lennie 01-09-2014 09:49 AM

I'll build the packages in a chroot which only has the core packages installed, to avoid crazy dependencies. When I feel confident about the newly built package, I'll install it on the running system with pacman. That is usually no problem in X.

ReaperX7 01-09-2014 04:14 PM

I've never used a package manager on LFS yet...

I have started building scripts to self-manage things such as how FreeBSD does with ports.

My current goal is to script all package in BLFS and create a Master Build script for LFS (similar to FreeBSD's make world to rebuild the source core), and then clean the BLFS sources after configuration only.

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