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devavictrix 02-08-2006 05:04 PM

two queries, make check error & pass 2
My first attempt went wrong in chapter 6 and I decided to start over.

Only this time ive run into an error after doing the make check for glibc pass1.

Its something about tst.mutex8 blah blah error 1......something or another..... error 2

I continued by using the make check command a second time and then it hit another error, same old stuff but tst.cond7.out ????

Its not even greek to me!

What I want to know... is it OK for me to simply delete the glibc directory, re-extract the tar and start over from the top of the page of the book?

My other query is about the GCC and Binutils pass 2 later in chapter 5. Am I correct in thinking I dont have to extract the tar again and to just change to the directories created in the first pass? This is what I did last time but I was unsure about what was to be done.

Many Thanks

ebonhand 02-14-2006 07:25 AM

My foolproof recommendation for any errors when dealing with LFS is 'start again' - I redid my install 6 times (don't ask) before I finally got things right, so I speak from experience.. "Follow book, book good"

As for your second query, unless the book specifically says "DONT DELETE THIS, IT'S NEEDED LATER" (usually in big red bold letters), you should -always- clean up after yourself. Yes, you need to re-extract the tar for a clean directory before rebuilding :)

The various passes apply different patches for different things, and link against different places. "Trust the book".. it states early on that each directory should be removed after building from it, unless specifically told not to

And don't stress. I did it too.. :)

Good luck with your LFS experience, it's a ride that's worth taking!


devavictrix 02-14-2006 02:08 PM

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I did end up starting again and on take 4 it worked :)

I ironed out all little issues, resized the partition in windows (thought id play it safe by using PM8, Ive done it tons of times before) so I could make a backup of LFS using a hint on the website and PM8 killed the linux partition. So im starting again again. I couldn't even boot into windows afterwards but thats for another forum!

Its not so bad this time round because now I know what im doing, what to expect and what to watch out for.

Fair doo's you just got to follow the book very closely and its sorted! Ill make a better job of configuring the kernal this time too.


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