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luna 03-26-2003 05:24 PM

trying to estimate the date of next release?
I try to estimate when a new version of LFS may be expected to be released. I wonder how often earlier versions of LFS have been released? The cvs version seems to be almost dead.. More than a month without any updates!!

lfslinux 03-26-2003 07:01 PM

1) Expected release date: probably two to three weeks. See below.

2) I have no set pattern for LFS release dates. When I think CVS has come to a point where it's good enough for a release, it'll happen. Sometimes it might take a few weeks, a month or few months.

3) CVS is in a frozen state right now until its released. What are we waiting for? As you may be aware of, LFS is going ot be published as a real book (see lfs-dev archives for all the info pertaining this). It's taking a bit longer than I anticipated. When the publisher can take pre-orders (in about two weeks time I'm estimating) for the book, I'll release it online.

As you pointed out CVS seems dead at the moment, but LFS development itself isn't. We're working on something we call pure-lfs. See

So, when we get closer to a publishing date, the LFS ball will start rolling again.

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