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stoat 09-06-2012 02:56 AM

The BLFS Xorg section has been vastly improved!
...IMO, that is. It's currently Xorg-7.7, and I just installed it in my new little LFS base system. Xorg by itself still is about as much work as building the entire LFS system, but I think several new things about it now ease the work some.

1. The most notable improvement is in those large groups of packages (proto, lib, font, app). There used to be a template in the introduction to Xorg that we sort of adapted to each of those package groups. And it worked fine. But now each group has its own set of copyable commands to download, verify, and install the packages. There is also an environment variable (AS_ROOT) to specify how you want to deal with getting root privileges. I installed and chose 'sudo', but there also is 'su -c' and just doing it all as root. I occasionally had to answer 'y' to remove some read-only source files as the directories were deleted. Otherwise, all of this worked with precision.

2. The driver group is gone. Instead you read though the available stuff and install what your hardware needs. I installed just the Evdev input driver and the ATI video driver. That was fine with me.

3. Some of the dependency pain has been reduced. Mostly because Glib isn't listed as a requirement for pkg-config now, and also because pkg-config is already installed in LFS v7.2 anyway. I'm sure Glib will be installed later on. That circular thing with Xorg, Tk, and Python is still there. For that, I've been deferring Tk until after Xorg and then re-installing Python.

There are a few new things added to the Xorg section, too. They're minor things to install and don't add much to the job.

So there you have it. If your system has some age on it, try the 7.2 base system and a current BLFS book. I think you will like the new Xorg stuff.

ReaperX7 09-06-2012 11:12 PM

Thanks for the info.

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