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McZ 01-11-2013 03:04 AM

Screen goes black after exit X or wake from sleep
So I have just taken the step from VirtualBox to install LFS on my laptop. I Just installed Xorg, it is working with VESA (can't get Intel HD4000 iGPU to work) and after I exit X the console will not get back. The same thing happened when I closed the lid and the computer went to sleep.

it does not help to switch virtual terminal with (ctrl+)alt+Fn keys and the computer is online, pressing ctrl+alt+del will reboot

EDIT: Typing reboot will also reboot the machine. The Xorg.0.log has no errors in it, it just says X terminated as normal.

EDIT-2: So KMS and starting exiting Xorg is working now when I have updated to linux-3.7.1, altough I get tiny text in console...

stoat 01-11-2013 09:53 PM

Okay. I can't fix this. Sorry. I wish could, but I don't use that hardware. Besides, video is not my particular forte anyway. I can only say that this stuff right here (video stuff) is by far and away the single most time-consuming thing for me in my first LFS build. I'm sure I had to compile my first kernel thirty times for this while tinkering with drivers, kernel mode setting, framebuffering, direct rendering, and so on. I, too, started out having to use vesa because the radeon driver wouldn't cooperate. I eventually discovered that the linux kernel had all kinds of radeon firmware files...except the one I needed. I got it from another system and copied it to /lib/firmware/radeon to join the others. But then I had to discover that if the video driver was compiled as built into the kernel, then that firmware file had to be built into the kernel's firmware library. I ended up preferring to build the video driver as a module though. Then I realized that I had to recompile Xorg and MesaLib to add support for the radeon driver (see the MesaLib page in the book about that because the same may be true for i915 which I think you may end up using for that HD4000, but I wouldn't know).

That is a summary of what I experienced just as sort of an example of the kinds of things that might lie ahead. Eventually, I nailed it all. And it's been dialed in ever since for kernel after kernel, system after system. I'm going to hang on to this rig for quite a while because I don't really want to do all that again for new hardware for a while.

Anyway, I guess the point is... don't give up, the light down the tunnel really is the end of the tunnel and not a train. Search with Google until you pass out. Wake up and do it again. Study what your host system and its kernel are using to make the video hardware work. Try posting some information from the host and the LFS system such as lspci -k and lsmod | sort (see PCI Utils in chapter 12 for's simple to install). Maybe somebody with the specific knowledge will come along and tell you something useful. In the meantime, at least I bumped your thread.

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