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linuxbriel 08-29-2006 03:59 AM

Prereadings for LFS
In the LFS book there are a few books you should read before you start with the actual LFS process. I opened them and found out that they are all much longer than the LFS book itself. So now, my question is: are they all necessary, or are there specific chapters you can leave out.


druuna 08-29-2006 06:56 AM


Depending on your level of experience you could decide not to read the preliminary books and start with LFS. I never read them...... (up to you to decide if I'm lazy or experienced ;) )
You should at least 'scan' The Essential Pre-Reading Hint.

If this is your first LFS install, you should read all of the LFS Book and do all the steps as mentioned in the LFS Book.

linuxbriel 08-31-2006 03:14 AM

yep, 'll do that
lazy, or experienced? well, you're a senior member, so ... :)

i have some experience with bash and the command line, but reading al these books makes me feel like a complete fool. it might take a year of study to learn all of that. (I'm a student anyway, so some extra shouldn't be a problem)

thanks druuna

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