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rocknarl 10-13-2005 07:35 AM

Own LFS LiveCD <100MB?
Hi folks,

how is it possible to create a own LFS livecd wich is smaller than 100MB??

I wanna create an DSL like livecd, only for my System, but it should be very small, so it can be loaded from CD, USB-stick, or something like that, but completly to ram(like dsl can). is this possible for LFS?i'm scared about those big packages, who are "required" for the base LFS installation.

Just btw.: i'm about to create a small lfs distro, with xfce4, antialiased fonts, sound, etc. for my amd64(nforce3 250gb)! including ati and maybe nvidia drivers. ond stuff like opera, xmms, mplayer a.s.o.

Is there a docu for this or has someone an answer??i found the question nowhere, so i came here!!


kind regards, rock
(PS: i'm from german, so my english can't be good :) )

edit: i remember this tiny little linuxes that are used for routers (f.e. coyote-linux) how fit on one single disk(1,44mb)?how is that possible??

Oliv' 10-13-2005 08:15 AM


Yes that's possible... If you really want a tiny distro, you may have a look at HLFS, I think it uses µClibc instead of huge libc ;)
For Live CD building, see the following link


RE: edit: Well kernel 2.4 or older compiled with gcc-2.95 + µClibc + busybox and no graphic server ;)

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