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Intimidat0r 03-08-2006 11:14 PM

Out of space during install
Well I was going about installing LFS. I got up to installing Glibc, which is part 5.6 of the LFS manual. When I tried to extrac glibc-2.3.4.tar.bz2 it said this:


bzip2: No space left on device
This is strange. I created a 2 GB partition for LFS, because I just wanted a really minimal install. Does installing LFS really take up this much space? If yes, how much space do you estimate it will take to complete the installation and install a few other things, like X and fluxbox?

And also, is there a way to resize a partition using fdisk or something like that without losing the data, because I'd rather not spend 2 hours recompiling gcc, binutils, etc., etc. (The filesystem is ext2 by the way).

Thanks for your help.

puffinman 03-09-2006 01:10 AM

You can provide more space without resizing your existing partition; just make a new one and mount it at /usr (which is probably where all your space is being consumed). 3 or 4 gigs should do; just copy your existing /usr directory to the new partition, mount it somewhere temporarily to make sure everything's there, delete the old /usr directory, and the mount the new partition at /usr (which should just be an empty directory before mounting).

However, if you have your heart set on resizing your partition, try qtparted. I haven't used it but I hear it is good.

In either case, MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING, or prepare to :cry:

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