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Tinkster 05-23-2002 03:23 PM

Network Printer
Hi Guys!

I must admit that I'm somewhat overwhelmed with
the information from ... I did compile &
install Cups & foomatic, but have no idea how to set them
up so they work with our LAN based printers here at work :}

My "workaround" is to print to a ps file (e.g. from OpenOffice)
and use a script to print to the novell-queue. I tend to believe
it should be somehow possible to print directly to the printers
IP using cups, just can't figure out how :(


jharris 11-15-2002 02:16 AM

I'm not sure about printing to Novell queues from CUPS but could you just setup your own queues directly to you network printers? What type of printers do you have? Is it just printers for a single machine you wish to setup or is there a group of them (not that it makes much difference with CUPS).



adam_boz 11-15-2002 08:02 PM

I have never added a network printer, but if you go to http://localhost:631 you will find the administration guide, as well as the web-configuration tool.

here's a sample command for adding a network printer:

/usr/sbin/lpadmin -p LaserJet -E -v socket:// -m laserjet.ppd

they said that this is for a printer with a "jet direct" network interface... whatever that is

Mephisto 11-15-2002 09:22 PM

jet direct is a network card for the HP printer line basically. Instead of hooking it up to a PC you just hook it staight into your LAN.

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