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accp-james 04-27-2007 09:03 AM

libbonobo-2.14.0, no working gthread-2.0 found...
I successfully built LFS svn04202007, I state successfully because everything seems to work and up until this package I've had no build errors.

I'm using the BLFS 6.2 release instructions for building GNOME as suggested by the current SVN document.

The precise error I receive is when using ./configure, either with customized options or using the cut-and-paste version from the book:


configure: error: No working gthread-2.0 support found, using --disae-threads IS DISCOURAGED
Here's what I know: If I unset PKG_CONFIG_PATH then I receive messages indicating that ORBit and glib are not installed, so I can be fairly certain that pkgconfig is doing its job.

glib builds with no errors, and make check generates no warnings.

GTK and other items with glib as a requisite build successfully. (It's worth noting that glib is not listed as a requirement for libbonobo in the BLFS book!)

I have no real idea how to test the functionality of libgthread or what else to look at in terms of diagnosing this issue, but uh.. it's kind of a build breaker so if anyone can make a suggestion I'd appreciate it.

For reference I'm using glib-2.10.3, the version used in the 6.2 BLFS release and the SVN BLFS I'm using for everything but GNOME.

Edit to add info:

I went ahead and started tearing in to the configure script to see what I could come up with... During the test for gthread-2.0 the script has the following:

#include <glib/gthread.h>
                      int main (void) {
                              if (!g_thread_supported()) g_thread_init(NULL);
                              return NULL == g_mutex_new(); }

When I look in /usr/include, however, I find no 'glib' directory. I find a glib-2.0 directory with a 'glib' directory located inside it... Are my headers perhaps in the wrong place?

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