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stoat 09-03-2012 09:07 PM

LFS v7.2 now released
I know some folks here already know about it because recent topics have been referring to it. I just finished building it. No problems. The book's steps are perfect again. I spent two evenings working on it, and that includes one stop-and-start-over due to a blunder by me.

The layout and style of the book are unchanged (I like it that way). The package collection has undergone version upgrades to many of the standard packages. Two notable ones are GCC-4.7.1 and Glibc-2.16.0. Another interesting change to the packages is the addition of Pkg-config which 'til now has been a BLFS package. There are some minor changes to the order of the packages here and there.

Watch out for the Udev page. Udev has been merged with Systemd. Systemd itself is of no interest to us, but Udev has to be extracted from the Systemd source. So when you arrive at the Udev-188 page, you untar the systemd-188 tarball and cd into its directory to begin the steps. The udev-lfs-188 package is then untarred into the systemd-188 source directory to provide some additional source files to build Udev for LFS. I didn't botch any of that, but I did have to stop and stare at that stuff for a few minutes to catch on. See the little yellow note box.

About a half-dozen or so packages have seds to fix "incompatibilities with Glibc-2.16.0" that all involve in their sources. This is a typical example from the Diffutils page...

sed -i -e '/gets is a/d' lib/
All of those packages compiled and installed just fine. But I'm wondering if that issue will pop up while building the BLFS system on top of this little base system. I build and install a lot of things that are not in the book. Perhaps the issue (and I don't even know what it is yet) will be easy to recognize and amenable to similarly worded seds then, too. Anyway, whatever happens, it can't possibly be as bad as the libpng-1.5 mess a while back. That busted stuff all over the place for a while.

Okay, onward to BLFS with it.

ReaperX7 09-04-2012 09:53 PM

Be aware that udev was recently forked back out from systemd also, so eventually ripping udev back out of systemd might not be required hopefully much longer.

stoat 09-23-2012 06:03 PM

Okay. I wanted to follow up here and report that I just finished the BLFS system on top of the LFS v7.2 system. It took the usual three weeks (for me). I had very few problems along the way. That GLibc business (mentioned above) came up a few times. But looking at the latest online version of the book usually had the correction. The only thing that I had to get help for was with the very last thing I always install...Tripwire. An issue with GCC-4.7.0 stopped it from building. But there is plenty of discussion on the Internet about that issue, so I managed to fix that myself. Then it stopped again for a different reason, and for that I had to start a ticket at the wiki. Bruce Dubbs knew what to do about that one. So that allowed me to finish the project last night.

This is my fifth BLFS system. So far it is the best yet. A lot of little things are better (and I don't always know why). For example, the mount command knows about ntfs-3g now, so I don't have to enter -t ntfs-3g to mount NTFS partitions now. Things like that. Plus I get better at this every time (fewer mistakes and backup-do-overs).

My BLFS systems are my prized possessions and the only operating systems that I use. I don't use any Linux distro or any Windows system. I value the work of the people who maintain this project, and I make a donation every time I build a new system. Thank you Linux From Scratch!

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