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nocountryman 10-25-2010 07:09 AM

LFS RPM SPEC files: Binutils RPM spec for x86 arch
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So here it comes:

I do understand that package managers are not something for LFS for most ppl, however for me it is essential as i am building a custom distro for my home/family/server/media computers. Some of them have similar hardware some not really. i do not want to recompile all the time everything if i break something (simple backup/restore is not solution). Anywho long story short:

I am trying to make a spec file for binutils-2.20.1 for just x86 platform (i would need it to have only these 3pkgs: binutils, binutils-devel, binutils-static )and i have an src.rpm from fedora with fedora's spec file. BUT have you seen this file? its huge, it looks like it has at least half of windows source code :).

My problem is that i can not strip all the unneeded stuff from the fedora spec file. I need it to simply compile the x86 versions of mentioned packs.

I will use prolly later binutils for x64 arch, but if i have a stripped down version for x86 i'll figure it out how to make any other single arch builds.

the attached fedora spec file is for convenience for anyone who could help me with this :)

corbis_demon 10-25-2010 07:56 AM

I'm not familiar with the rpm package management, but the spec file you attached is mostly just changelog, and the rest is the build instructions. If the attached file is a decent enough reperesentative of an rpm spec file, then I'm sure it wouldn't be as big as Windows source code, which I unfortunately haven't come across :) .But I'm really not able to piece together the elements involved in this process. What is the unneeded stuff you speak of? Are you sure the "uneeded stuff" is not essential?

nocountryman 10-25-2010 09:09 AM

the unneeded stuff is the one that defines options to compile bin utils for different platforms. as well as patches and etc that are not mentioned in LFS.

ill be using the tar file from for bin utils, without any mods made by fedora.

the LFS suggests these steps to configure and install the binutils packg:

rm -fv etc/
sed -i.bak '/^INFO/s/ //' etc/

configure --prefix=/usr \

make tooldir=/usr

make tooldir=/usr install

cp -v binutils-2.20.1/include/libiberty.h /usr/include

omitted the check part here :)

so with these steps i need to get 3 packages mentioned in the first post (binutils, binutils-devel,binutils-static)

and that is the problem coz the binutils packg is huge and sorting out files and etc is horrific task and needs you to know what you need from binutils and what not and etc.

anyone who ever had to do a custom-built rpm for binutils or simply with very good knowledge or RPMs would see right away what to cut out :)

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