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bucovaina78 10-12-2009 11:00 AM

LFS live-cd: /dev/mapper/lfs-cd ran out of space
I rebooted my pc and followed the instructions at:

Well during compilation of GCC-4.4.1 pass 1 I ran out of space. I don't know why because I have 512mb ram (not that much but also 5GB swap space ??)

if I do


root [ ~ ]# df -h
Bestandssysteem      Grtte Gebr Besch Geb% Aangekoppeld op
/dev/mapper/lfs-cd    1,5G  1,3G  161M  89% /
/dev/hda1            9,2G  1,5G  7,3G  17% /mnt/lfs
/dev/hda2            216G  234M  205G  1% /mnt/lfs/home

(just after compilation I had 0% free on /dev/mapper/lfs-cd)

Anyone an idea how I can free up some space?

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