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Dunkalis 06-02-2002 11:13 PM

LFS a good project for a Linux n00b eager to learn?
I am a Linux n00b, and I really want to learn Linux. I mean LEARN it. I have Debian Woody installed, and I'd like to replace it with either Red Hat(all the packages on CD) or LFS(just for fun; maybe learn some more). So, is LFS a good project for me? I would just go and replace my entire existing Debian install, but is that possible without another distro on the same disk?

Any input would be nice!

lfslinux 06-03-2002 06:11 AM

With LFS and without much prior Linux knowledge, you have a very steep learning curve. We assume you're already comfortable with Linux in general before attempting an LFS installation. You could still install LFS if you read the book very carefully and make good use of the FAQ and online mailinglist archives, but the main problem is what you do after you finished with the LFS book. You're supposed to take over and maintain your own system in any way you like it. It would help if you have seen a few ways of doing things (such as looking at a few distributions) you have an idea how it _can_ be done before jumping head first and having no idea what to do next.

But, if nothing else, you'll log a lot of compile hours and if you look at the commands you type to install LFS and also do research what those commands mean exactly, you'll learn a lot from just doing that. The rest may follow soon after (depending on how much time you want to spend on the learning process)

Dunkalis 06-03-2002 10:25 AM

Ahh, I did do a minimal install of Debian, then apt-getted all of the apps I wanted. Granted, LFS doesn't have apt-get, but its still experience pieceing together an OS. I do know what I need, so I'll give it a shot. Can't hurt anything. I don't have anything beyond X, IceWM, Enlightenment, and a few other apps on my Debian install, so I can afford to lose it.

Config 06-03-2002 02:00 PM

Hmmm.... well, i would install LFS just for the purpose of learning. Just install it and once you've finished it, you can do whatever you want to do with it. If you really want to learn Linux, you should also have a look at Slackware, for beeing a little more productive. If you accidentally wipe out your lfs, you'll have a long time to get it back up. Slackware provides you the CD's.

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