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kamleshk1 05-31-2010 01:26 PM

LFS 6.5 - Chap 5 - Why build GCC before Glibc
Referring "LFS-BOOK-6.5" book

Want to know if in chapter 5 the build of GCC (Pass 1) can be done after Glibc (Pass 1) or should the order be followed as it is.

As the book says Binutils should be build before GCC and Glibc (5.2. Toolchain Technical Notes), do we have any section which talks about building GCC before Glibc??
Do we have any specific reasons for building GCC before Glibc, If Yes please do mention why and where is it being used?

Thanks for any help or hint..

druuna 05-31-2010 03:09 PM


Don't use LFS version 6.5.

For whatever reason this version is not OK, LFS 6.4 or the current 6.6 are good candidates to use.

The LFS site itself does have the documents for this version, but no packages are available from their own site (which might get you into trouble).

Do yourself a favor and switch to another version.

To answer your question: You need to follow the order the book tells you to. A lot of packages have dependencies that need to be installed first. This is especially true for the core packages you mention (gcc, glibc and binutils).

Hope this helps.

kamleshk1 06-01-2010 11:07 AM

Thanks Drunna..
I took LFS 6.6 for further reference (

I agree there could be some dependency, It is just that i'm little curious to know about it!!
Would be great if you/somebody can answer how exactly the dependency between GCC and Glibc works
Atleast one valid/simple reason, as is the case in book for binutils being built before GCC and Glibc.

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