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Funkster 12-21-2008 07:31 AM

LFS 6.3, messed up somewhere prior to chapter 6.12 (gcc), how to restart chapter 6?
Hi all,

I have been working my way through LFS 6.3 using sources from the LiveCD, and everything appeared to be going well until I got to the point of rebuilding GCC again in chapter 6.12, at which point it was expecting things like stdio.h to be in /usr/include/i686-pc-linux-gnu instead of just /usr/include.

I managed to make GCC build by symlinking the expected include dir into the real one, but I thought that this is likely to cause problems so I thought I'd go back and restart chapter 6 as I must have done something wrong.

Alas, I'm now finding that I can't rebuild GlibC (from freshly unpacked source and new build folder) as it goes into an infinite loop on tls.make, and if I remove tls.make.c it'll just go on to get stuck on some other point.

I have checked my system clock and hardware clock and all appears to be well, there are no warnings reported during make when it gets stuck, and all other threads on t'internet about glibc make loops have provided no clues.

Can I rebuild glibc after having adjusted the toolchain as per chapter 6.10? If not, what do I need to do to put it back how it was before I started chapter 6? I'd prefer not to have to re-do the whole of chapter 5!

Many thanks in advance, apologies for the long explanation...

bines 12-23-2008 01:22 PM

Hi Funkster,

I'm no expert but I'll do my best:

After completing chapter 5, issuing the command: ls -a shows just the following:

. .. lost+found sources tools

Being smart(!) I also made a backup of /tools before I started chapter 6 - just in case - but that doesn't help you much!

I would remove any other directories at this point because they must have been made in chapter 6. Also go through the sources and remove any directories which were made during compilation. There should only be sources and patches there. Getting rid of anything else ensures a 'clean' environment in which to build those chapter 6 packages again.

Then shut down the computer and start it again from the LiveCD. Log in by typing the usual lines but DON'T run the script.
Now type: cd $LFS and proceed to make the three directories /dev, /proc and /sys.

Then continue with chapter 6 by creating the initial device nodes then writing the script listed in the hint by Joseph Dupre. Then follow the book from there.

Hopefully that will get you up and running again. Best of luck.

Funkster 12-24-2008 06:30 AM

Hi bines,

Many thanks for the help... I did make a backup of tools after chapter 5 but after a couple of hours of faffing around I just ended up getting myself into more and more of a mess and nothing was working properly!

So, I scrubbed the lot and let JHALFS build me a fresh setup while I read the rest of the book :oD


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