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me-$-on 06-29-2009 03:31 PM

lfs-6.3 - chapter 6: binutils-2.17 - make error regarding :not found
Hello. First I must excuse posting this question again.
But: I downloaded the live cd of lfs-6.3 and I use this to build my lfs as my host-system.
All steps ran correct until this step:

I want to install the binutils-2.17 now finally, I configure it and want to run

make tooldir=/usr.

But it says: not found.

A similar thing happened before, with the libiberty/pic.

I copied that whole directory to my /usr/lib directory, what seemed to help as a workaround.

But the next error occuring was this one ( ) now is not found.

I searched for it, and guess,YES it resides in /usr/lib.
But it is not found ( my links and my chroot and so on MUST be correct, glibc installed without problems, testing without problems and compiling the dummy.c with grepping all necessary information , too).

The file IS there, the issue while compiling binutils the first time, not occured, but why now? ( the only thing changed is the prefix).

I retried to adjust the toolchain, and again everything is ok.

Before I will use the workaround and copy it, too, to the /usr/lib, I would like to know, WHAT CAUSES THIS ERROR, AND WHY.

Could anynone help me regarding this problem?

THX in advance.

me-$-on 07-01-2009 03:23 AM

I thought
no one would answer.

I already found some solutions in this forum, but not the technical background, why this is happening, though i am using exact the live-cd 6.3.

Hmmm linking against static libraries..... ok.

Could anyone give me details about that ( and why the book says \--enable-shared) ????

me-$-on 07-01-2009 09:01 AM

no one likes me

knudfl 07-01-2009 04:43 PM


and why the book says \--enable-shared
The "--enable-shared" option takes care, that is created ( "so" means shared object.)

Your errors : I don't know ...
should be present in your "build-binutils"
P.S.: 1) No reason to use the backslash, it can all
be made up to a "one line configure".
2) If the backslash is used, a <space> must be present
after the backslash, like this : '\ --enable-shared' .
3) The backslash is used only to break a line.

me-$-on 07-01-2009 05:42 PM

THX, but
my experience told me, that a space between backslash and the -- often fails to recognize the new arguments, especially, if a new switch is activated, whose arguments have to be present without space.

And even with your hint i stuck at:

make tooldir=/usr

with the messages:

error while loading shared library: : file or directory not found

libiberty.a Error 127.

I think, im will have to start from chapter 1 again ( that cannot be....


but first i will try a newer and an older version of binutils.

THX for all.


I must correct my error message:

ar: error while loading shared library: : file or directory not found

I forgot the ar.

Perhaps it is important.

me-$-on 07-02-2009 02:49 PM

Got it:
issuing "ldconfig" is enough. Afterwards all runs great.

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