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cuco76 11-23-2003 11:14 AM

LFS 5.0 Chapter 5

I seem to be having tons of trouble and I am not sure why.

I am not sure if this is right but I have to run the 'export LFS=/mnt/lfs' command every time i exit my term or when I su to root. Kinda wierd. I fi don't when I 'echo $LFS' i get a blank line
[root@fedora]#echo $LFS


I keep getting this error now.
[root@fedora lfs]# ln -s $LFS/tools /
ln: `//tools': cannot overwrite directory

If anyone has ideas, please let me know!


fr0zen 11-23-2003 11:28 PM

Yes, that makes sense because export doesn't create the variable as a permanent alias for /mnt/lfs.

If you want to do that, you need to edit your .bash_profile file in your home directory, with "export LFS=/mnt/lfs" as a line placed where ever.

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