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fend88 05-20-2002 01:39 AM

Is it possible to run no-ip for LAN workstation?
Sorry for the wrong subject. :o
After I check the yahoo composer, inside got send as text.

For this subject, I really need help

My LFS is running as workstation. The LAN server is W-2000.
The server connect to internet thru cable modem with dinamic IP assignment.
The server can publish web content to internet thru no-ip webserver.

I had installed apache for my lfs and other LAN clients can access my website. Now I want to publish my website to internet. I tried no-ip and found my internet ip address. When I tried my ip address from netscape, I cannot access my website.

I read from net howto, I must use ip forwarding from my server, but I don't have access to that server.

Is there any alternate way to configure my lfs so that I can publish my website to internet without configure the server?

FYI: No-ip detect my ip address as
My server ip address is different from my ip address

Thanks in advance.



lfslinux 05-20-2002 12:55 PM

If your LFS system isn't directly connected to the Internet and sits behind a different server that uses a private IP address (like in the 192.168.x.y range, or 10.x.y.z and so on) then you need to configure the server that's connected to the cablemodem to do port forwarding and such things. There's no way around it unless your LFS system obtains an Internet routable IP address.

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