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trub 02-13-2002 11:40 PM

interesting LFS implementations?
Im going through my first LFS and was curious as to any interesting ways people have configured their "distros" for desktop use. I realize its a per-person basis for needs and whatnot but perhaps there are some interesting stories

finegan 02-14-2002 02:37 PM

The one odd purpose my LFS got put to for a while was as the house NAT... okay, that's not a surprise, but it was because without all of the distro goop on the box, it was able to compile without any modification to the source, the newest package of kernel modules for the orinoco wireless cards. I was trying to get things working with a Prism2 card and the other driver packages weren't cutting it and the orinoco package in the kernel was too old to have the proper prism2 support. Lfs, the newest kernel, and alpha level modules running my house. Rockin.



trub 02-14-2002 05:31 PM

i was thinking over how i want to set up my LFS system and was considering not installing gtk the qt libraries. Although i still will be installing xfree so i can get a whole bunch of xterms going at once and perhaps a web browser with a statically linked widget set (opera?) for viewing websites not compatible with lynx. Does this sound wise? or would i just be better off compiling gtk or qt? i really dont use any other graphic apps other than a web browser...

TacKat 02-14-2002 08:25 PM

I don't have gtk or qt installed. I figure I'll compile them when I need them for something.

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