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wackman 01-28-2003 07:40 PM

Gtk-Perl: Problems getting pixbuf module to install
OK, I got my LFS box working pretty good right now (a few nagging problems, but nothing major) with KDE 3.1beta, Gnome 2.1beta (which I never use), and plenty of multimedia apps and libs (transcode, mplayer, xmms, smpeg3)

I'm trying to install the application dvd::rip, but it tells me that it can't find the module from Gtk-Perl.

I've tried over and over to recompile Gtk-Perl (per the blfs documentation on it), but it never installs the pixbuf module. It's almost as if it get's disabled somewhere along the line.

I read that Gtk-Perl won't install it if it can't find gdk-pixbuf on your machine, but I know it sees it.

This is frustrating. I hate it when just a tiny little config file or .cpp or .pm file is out of place and things fall down around your ankles.

Anywho, thanks to anyone who can help.


trickykid 06-08-2003 12:44 PM

As far as I know Gtk Perl will seem to install even if it doesn't install all the modules. Have you searched for on your system cause it could be that dvd::rip isn't looking in the right location if it has been installed elsewhere? You can also always try acidrip which was written by our moderator acid_kewpie.. :)

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