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startoftext 02-02-2009 10:47 PM

Did I re-adjust the toolchain correctly?
I am installing LFS version 6.4 and currently I am an section 6.10. I am in the chrooted environment and have just compiled and installed Glibc. Now I am trying to re-adjust the toolchain as the docs suggest. The part I am confused about is where I am supposed to adjust the gcc specs file.

The docs say to use this huge one liner.

gcc -dumpspecs | sed -e 's@/tools/lib/' -e '/\*startfile_prefix_spec:/{n;s@.*@/usr/lib/ @}' -e '/\*cpp:/{n;s@$@ -isystem /usr/include@}' > `dirname $(gcc --print-libgcc-file-name)`/specs
So I did this and then the docs say that i should inspect the gcc specs file and manualy to make sure the changes were actually made. Well I assume that nothing in the specs file should refer to anything in /tools/. So i checked it using this:


root:/# gcc -dumpspecs | grep /tools/
 %{muclibc:%{mglibc:%e-mglibc and -muclibc used together}/tools/lib/;:/tools/lib/}

Does this mean my specs file is not changed correctly? What should my specs file say or NOT say at this point?


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