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chawarma 02-17-2009 08:29 AM

DHCP, Network configuration on LFS
After developing my LFS (6.4), I am leaning towards BLFS (SVN).
I first wanted to configure my DHCP as described here:
But I have warnings at boot:

"Interface eth1 doesn't exist" WARN
"Device eth1 does not exist".
"Interface eth0 doesn't exist" WARN
"Device eth0 does not exist".
Here is information that can help:

I have on my machine two network cards, a WLAN and LAN:
eth1, Network controller : Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG ...
eth0, Ethernet controller: Broadcom ...

My machine is connected to my wireless modem so it will normally work at least for eth1, isn't it ?!

Here are the contents of my file /etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.conf

# dhcpcd-run-hooks uses these options.
option domain_name_servers, domain_name, domain_search, host_name
# Most distros have ntp support.
option ntp_servers
The contents of my file /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth1/dhcpcd and /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0/dhcpcd :

Here is my configuration file /etc/resolv.conf that I specified during the network configuration in the LFS book:

domaine lan
search lan
And my /etc/hosts file:
Quote: localhost
I would also add that in the output of lspci there are the following:
02:04.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection (rev 05)
02:0e.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02)

The ifconfig command is not found.

Any input will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Edit: I recompiled the kernel with including the drivers for my Broadcom and Intel cards.

Now in the boot it shows:


eth0: name_of_my_Broadcom_card its_@MAC_adress
ipw2200: detected le_nom_de_ma_carte_Intel
firemware: requestion ipw2200-bss.fw (it take a time here before continuing).
And at the and it shows:


Bringing up the eth0 interface...
[ 67.674394] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not teady
Starting dhcp on the eth0 interface...eth0: dhcp 4.0.7 starting
eth0: waiting for carrier
eth0: timed out [FAIL]
Bringing up the eth1 interface...
Interface eth1 doesn't exist [WARN]
Any idea ?

Edit 2:

For testing the interface eth0, I just connected the modem to my PC by ethernet and it works well; when I ping google for example it works, but the ifconfig command is not recognized !
For the interface eth1 (wifi) I really do not see why it doesn't work :/ is there something else to install or configure for the wifi to work ?

chawarma 02-18-2009 06:19 AM

I have this errors in the boot kernel log:
kernel: [ 0.351233] ipw2200: Detected Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection
kernel: [ 0.351369] firmware: requesting ipw2200-bss.fw
kernel: [ 0.636952] Switched to high resolution mode on CPU 0
kernel: [ 60.351126] ipw2200: ipw2200-bss.fw request_firmware failed: Reason -2
kernel: [ 60.351229] ipw2200: Unable to load firmware: -2
kernel: [ 60.351323] ipw2200: failed to register network device
kernel: [ 60.351472] ipw2200 0000:02:04.0: PCI INT A disabled
kernel: [ 60.351577] ipw2200: probe of 0000:02:04.0 failed with error -5

My firmware is in /lib/firmware/

I resolved the problem by compiling the driver of this Network Connection as module (m) not in the kernel (y).

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