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fend88 04-27-2002 09:16 PM

Cut & paste to browser
Is there any way to cut and paste from terminal emulator window to browser and vice?

I am using kde from mandrake 8.0 for the terminal and netscape for browser.

Thanks in advance...

lfslinux 04-27-2002 09:25 PM

Yep, simply select the text you want to copy in Netscape. Whatever is selected ends up in the copy buffer.

Click with the middle mouse button in the console window to paste the text.

That's all there is to it.

If you only have two mouse buttons, click both buttons that will emulate the middle one (if emulate three buttons is enabled for a two button mouse, which is usually the case).

fend88 04-27-2002 09:46 PM

Thank you very much.
Now I no need to type the error code from terminal. :D

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